Town of Caledon – Future Caledon Vision Survey Launch

Caledon is updating its Official Plan to guide our continued growth and evolution as a community. The new Official Plan will serve as a road map for the next 30+ years and will guide land use planning decisions related to development, housing, transportation, employment, community facilities and more. Our new OP will embrace Caledon’s community charm while ensuring we are prepared for the future.

We have launched a Vision Survey to collect community feedback in support of creating a Vision Statement and Guiding Principles for the Town’s Official Plan. This is the community’s opportunity to tell us the kind of community Caledon should be in the next 30+ years. The Vision Statement and Guiding Principles will assist the Caledon Team as they proceed with initial policy directions to guide land use planning decisions.

We want to hear from you! Check out the Vision Survey with the link below:

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