Region of Peel Response to Belfountain Concerns Regarding Road Project

We have received response from Ommar Moeen, P.Eng. Sr. Project Manager, Transportation Design & Construction, Region of Peel, to the concerns raised by the community at the BCO AGM June 26th, 2024 regarding the Belfountain Roads Project.

Concern with perceived expansion of wider asphalt surface through the hamlet.  Extending asphalt to limit of right-of-way for driveway “aprons” that are not currently paved is of concern.   

In previous projects we paved 3m past the shoulder as a minimum to prevent the gravel from washing out onto the paved shoulder. We can reduce the driveway apron paving to 3m from edge of shoulder or up to property line, whichever is less. E.g. if property line is 7m from the edge of paved shoulder, we will only pave 3m. Paving the gravel shoulder is a requirement on all our projects to allow for active transportation and use for pedestrians – at this point in time we cannot forego this requirement.

Concern with increased vehicle speed as a result of wider road appearance.

The travel lane widths are being reduced to a minimum of 3.30m (normally 3.50-3.75m), narrowing the lane widths will act as a traffic calming measure (motorists are shown to slow down when lane widths are narrowed). The paved shoulder and travel lanes are delineated by line markings.

 Suggest the Region only pave driveway aprons where there are currently asphalt driveways.  Otherwise limit driveway aprons to within 1m of proposed paved shoulder.

See above re: 3m from edge of paved shoulder. We can instruct the contractor accordingly during construction.

Concern the project remains consistent with Niagara Escarpment Commission “road maintenance” exemption qualifications.   

NEC exemption has been confirmed for this project.

Concerns about roadside parking and where it would be allowed or prohibited.

I will provide link to completed parking study. Any specific parking questions can be directed to our traffic engineering team.

 Concept of community monument through Belfountain Heritage Society was well received.

Peel is waiting for response from Belfountain Heritage Society on questions re: monument material, location etc. We are looking to hear back from the Belfountain Heritage Society as soon as possible.

The link to the Region of Peel website for the Belfountain project and contact information should you have any concerns regarding your property or conflicts with your property survey is

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