BCO History

The following describes the history of the BCO:

Fall 1987 – A residents group was formed to oppose an application by Enterac Properties Ltd. to build a subdivision of large lots on the old Willis farm lands at the south end of the hamlet. Two hundred local residents met at the Caledon Ski Club to unanimously approve taking their concerns to the Town of Caledon.

1988 – The Belfountain Task Force (BTF) is formed under the direction of Hazel Notzel. A local newsletter to keep the hamlet informed was initiated. The View From Belfountain was under the editorship of Nicola Barry. The Town of Caledon is asked by the BTF to revise official plan to protect Belfountain as a sensitive area.

1989 – New Enterac Subdivision plan of more but smaller lots rejected by Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) and Town of Caledon due to absence of water plan.

1990 – NEC rejects a revised Enterac Plan for not conforming with their policies and Town official plan. BTF raises $50,000 for legal services to continue the fight. Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) dismisses Enterac application.

1991 – OMB allows new lot application, but servicing and water issues not resolved.

1993 – BTF changed to Belfountain Community and Planning Organization (BCPO). Mandate broadened to cover roads, recreation, water, etc. Belfountain Heritage Society assumes heritage issues. Myfanwy Douglas elected chair of BCPO (retires in 2001).

1994 – Enterac file reactivated. BCPO adopts a proactive stance. Residents’ meeting decides to negotiate with developer and agencies directly. Belfountain architect Robert Boraks draws up forward looking and innovative plans that include a total number of lots that relates directly to the ecosystem’s capacity and designs that incorporate and reflect the existing village. Celebration Escarpment attracts over 800 visitors to entertainment, lectures, and events celebrating the unique Niagara Escarpment. Money raised is donated to the Elora-Cataract Rail Trail.

1995 - Vision of Belfountain Day includes exhibits, drawings, and talks that attract a large crowd of villagers. Results formulate a subdivision vision that is presented to the community and Enterac with majority acceptance.

1996 – Presentation to Enterac. Ongoing inability to satisfy water concerns continues to hold up development to this day.

2007 – BCPO is renamed the Belfountain Community Organisation (BCO).