Happy 14th Birthday Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is turning 14 this coming February 28! To celebrate its continued protection, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation want to give back to all of you for your ongoing support.

From now until Feb. 24, 2019, at midnight, everyone who tags Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation in a short video (no longer than 15-seconds) on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, answering the question “why I love the Greenbelt”, and making sure to hashtag #GBDay will be sent a Greenbelt tote bag in the mail! 

Click HERE for more details!

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POSTPONED! Erin Eco Film Fest at the Erin Legion on Feb 13, 20 & March 20 & April 10, 24

The driving is just too dangerous.
Could you kindly forward this email to your BCO friends!
We will reschedule and let you know the new date/time.
Thank you.

For more info on the films, visit https://www.erinecofilmfest.ca/2019films

Learn more about Erin Eco Film Fest at: www.ErinEcoFilmFest.ca

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POSTPONED: Tonight’s Bill 66 – Switching Gears By Tim Gray Of Environmental Defense

Tonight’s meeting has been POSTPONED due to inclement weather and transport issues!

We will advise of the rescheduled date ASAP!

For any questions please contact secretary@belfountain.ca

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NEWS RELEASE Tim Gray of Environmental Defence: Switching Gears

Switching Gears:
Proposed changes to the Growth Plan that replaces the abandoned portions of Bill 66

At a community meeting in 2017, the residents of Belfountain identified themselves as stewards of the land we all love.

The new Ontario Provincial Government introduced Bill 66, “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act”.

Many residents of Belfountain, Caledon and beyond strongly objected to these changes and schedule 10 was dropped.

The BCO invited Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence to share an environmental perspective of Bill 66 and the Provincial revisit of policies such as the Places to Grow Act, Provincial Policy Statement and The Endangered Species Act.

Residents of Belfountain and the public are invited to attend a presentation, “Switching Gears” at Belfountain Public School on 2019 February 7.
Please note, the session may be made available live online and recorded to be made available after Feb 7th.​

Meeting being rescheduled @ Belfountain Public School, 17247 Shaws Creek Road, Belfountain.
NOTE: Total capacity of the Belfountain Public School auditorium is only 200.

[RSVP  YES ] or email rsvp@belfountain.ca

[I am not able to attend, but I wish to subscribe to updates]

or email rsvp@belfountain.ca

If you have any event logistical questions, please email to secretary@belfountain.ca

Background reading:

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Ontario Bill – 66 Schedule 10 DEFEATED !!

This afternoon Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark announced on Twitter:

snip < our Government for the People has listened to the concerns raised by MPPs, municipalities and stakeholders with regards to Schedule 10 of Bill 66 and when the legislature returns in February, we will not proceed with Schedule 10 of the Bill. > end snip

We notice how there is no mention of the People!

We wish to thank all the community organizations and lobby groups that worked with us and most importantly, all concerned citizens who raised their voices in protest of this Bill and undemocratic process!

This protest is not over until Bill 66 is DEFEATED

Mr. Ford et all, Now we understand your intended processes.
You have now banded together a cohesive community protecting our People from your Government.

The same holds for all layers of government.

Some background on the legal process for Ontario Bills to be considered to be Laws:

  1. https://www.ola.org/sites/default/files/common/how-bills-become-law-en.pdf
  2. From https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/current/ note the timeline <- THREE DAYS!, so NOW is the time to DEFEAT Bill 66, be diligent.
  3. https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-42/session-1/bill-66

Comment here or via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/belfountaincommunity/

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Deadline Tonight! Stop Bill 66 Environmental Destruction

By 11:59 p.m. tonight, say NO to the PC Government on Bill 66. 

Click here https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/013-4293 to submit your comments

This deadline is for public submissions.  The protest is not over.  It won’t be over until the Bill is defeated.   

Ian Sinclair brought a motion forward to defeat Bill 66 on Jan. 15th. The BCO delegated in support of Councilor Sinclair. 
The Council voted and was tied 4 – 4 when Nick deBoer broke the tie.  Unfortunately, it was defeated 5-4. 
After public outcry, Council deferred the decision until the Second Reading of the Bill. 

Keep the pressure going.  Send emails and letters to the Town of Caledon Councilors and MPP who agree with Bill 66.
Send to Nick.deBoer@Caledon.ca, Jennifer.Innis@Caledon.ca, Johanna.Downey@Caledon.ca, Christina.Early@Caledon.ca, Sylvia.Jones@pc.ola.ca, Allan.Thompson@Caledon.ca, Ian.Sinclair@Caledon.ca, Annette.Groves@Caledon.ca, Lynn.Kiernan@Caledon.ca, todd.smithco@pc.ola.org, steve.clark@pc.ola.org, PlanningConsultation@ontario.ca

Click here to automatically open an email to the councillors

These councillors support the position that Bill 66 is not acceptable:  Ian Sinclair, Lynn Kiernan, Annette Groves and Tony Rosa. 

Stay tuned.  More information and next steps will follow:  www.Belfountain.ca 

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Paramedic Information Session Ward 1 – Jan 19th – 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

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Jan 23rd 6:30pm – Aggregate Rehabilitation Master Plan for Belfountain, Cataract, Caledon Village & Alton areas

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Tonight Town of Caledon Motion Regarding Bill 66

Tonight at the 7pm Town of Caledon council meeting, Ian Sinclair Councillor of Ward 1 will be presenting a motion regarding Bill 66

Come out and hear what your newly elected council have to say about safeguarding our water, farmland, forests, nature and health.

Town of Caledon

6311 Old Church Road
Caledon, ON L7C 1J6

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Urgent and Important! Save our Water, Greenbelt, Farmland, Oak Ridges Moraine

The BCO is hosting an urgent and important meeting this Wednesday, January 16th 7pm – 9pm to help us understand the impacts of proposed Bill 66.

Bill 66 opens up Ontario’s Greenbelt for factory, retail and residential development, undermines drinking water protection rules and guts rules that help industry reduce the release of toxic chemicals. At a time when Ontarians need forward-thinking government action, Bill 66 basically takes us back 40 years.

The existing legislation was put in place by all parties, Conservative, Liberal and NDP, over the last 30 plus years. Premier Ford’s campaign promised to leave the Greenbelt intact and the subsequent reversal of position shows a blatant disrespect of Ontarians. Bill 66 puts the health of everyone at risk. The health of our region depends on valuing our farms, forests, clean water sources and nature.

Meeting: The Belfountain School Gymnasium, 17247 Shaws Creek Road (South of Bush Street)

When: Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 7pm – 9pm
Speaker: Pauline Thornham – The Green Party of Ontario

Pauline was the GPO candidate in the last two provincial elections. She obtained a Certificate in Environmental Conservation from the University of Guelph in January, 2011.

Pauline joined the Green Party of Ontario and Sierra Club Peel in 2010. She is now a member of the executive of the Sierra Club Peel. She is the GPO shadow cabinet Women’s Issues Critic, and is the female Horseshoe Region representative on the GPO Provincial Executive.

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