Belfountain Community Jingle Bell Walk – Rescheduled – Saturday Dec 18th 6 – 7 PM

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Have Your Say about the Caledon Visitor Management Plan before Dec. 17 2021

The Town of Caledon is developing a Visitor Management Strategy as part of a longer-term Tourism Strategy for Caledon.

A huge component of the foundation of this planning relies on YOU and your feedback so they  have created a dedicated feedback page at and they’re looking to you to tell them:

  • How tourism and visitors in your area affect you
  • Whether you’ve noticed the visitor management measures they’ve worked to put in place over the last few years and if so, how they’ve performed
  • What you’d like to see from a visitor management and attraction standpoint going forward
  • How could the Town of Caledon do a more effective job in assisting during peak tourism/visitor season

Please take the time to HAVE YOUR SAY. This is your chance to formally record your feedback, ideas, thoughts and observations – it is critical for the Town of Caledon to hear from you as they build a plan on our terms, as businesses and residents.

This page won’t be live for long (it’s closing on December 17th), so please submit your thoughts ASAP. 


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Jingle Bell Walk Tonight – Cancellation Notice

Due to the inclement weather, the Jingle Bell Walk tonight is cancelled.    We are unsure at this time if it will be rescheduled. 

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The Region of Peel Waste Collection Strike is Over



The waste collection strike is over

Regular waste collection services for strike-affected residents will resume on Monday, December 13. Get details


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Local Author showcases Book and Stories at Higher Ground Cafe this Weekend

It’s Never the Things You Think
by Susan Gesner

With this collection of anecdotes and ruminations, Susan Gesner delivers a much-needed reminder of the joy to be found in everyday life. Whether she’s facing her fear in a step-dancing recital, finding community with fiddlers or taking a moment to appreciate a quiet Sunday at Quiznos with her elderly father, It’s Never the Things You Think is sure to lighten your heart. Cailleah Scott-Grimes and Cressida Frey, both from Toronto, provide the wonderful illustrations.

Susan Gesner is an environmental facilitator and consultant who lives in Belfountain.   Page 47 

Susan will be signing her books this Saturday December 11th at Higher Ground Cafe, Belfountain,  2:00 till 5:00pm or closing or as long as people want to show up. These books sell for $25 plus 5% GST, and you can get them directly from Susan, or order them online at


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Service Alert – Important Message – Waste Collection

Important message from Region of Peel:

You are affected by the waste collection strike in Peel. Continue putting garbage and organics at the curb on your garbage day. No collection during recycling week. Get details

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Enjoy the Winter Season in Belfountain

These are some other wonderful holiday news items we would like to share with you.  In lieu of the annual potluck,  we would like to ask we light up all of Belfountain on December 24th.    Caledon Mountain Estates have always made a special evening outdoor event.  This year, we hope all of Belfountain will be alight with dancing Luminaria.     Luminaria has been a Belfountain tradition for decades.  Join your neighbours in lighting up the neighbourhood and guiding Santa’s journey.    As the sun sets on December 24th, light up the darkness with Luminaria.  (see below for information how to get your bags).   Belfountain will be sparkling this year with the Christmas tree lighting and Jingle Walk on Dec 11th at 6pm and the Christmas Home Decorating Contest.

Please let us know if you need any further details at

Santa’s mailbox will be inside the Higher Ground Café in Belfountain.  Starting December 4 children of all ages may drop off their letters to Santa (don’t forget to include your home address so Santa can write back).  Children will also receive a complimentary small Hot Chocolate from Higher Ground.

“Remember when…..” books If you are looking for a unique and informative stocking stuffer, for $10.00 consider the book “Remember when….”  Written by Bernice Trimble a long time Belfountain resident and historical author.  Lots of interesting facts and old photographs of Belfountain.  This is a fundraiser for the BCO.  Books are available in the Higher Ground Café or please contact the for more information and pick-up.

Belfountain Historical Poster Also available for $20.00, Nicola Ross, local journalist and Belfountain resident has designed a delightful poster with extensive research into the historical homes of the hamlet. To request and pick up (contact less), please contact

Luminaria bags The BCO has ordered slightly bigger Luminaria bags this year.  This should help keep them from scorching if it’s windy. A couple of proven tricks can make a difference and you will be able to save many of the bags for next year as well.

$4.00 for a bundle of 20. Contact the  for information and orders.

Try the following for a safe display and easy clean-up:

  1. double fold the top of the bag down a couple of inches to make a collar which will help stabilize the bag and prevent scorching
  2. try “stubby” votive candles (Watson brand at the Dollar Store works well), instead of tea lights. They are 1 1/2″ and last about 8 hours 
  3. an aluminum tartlet shell, placed in a pint size mason jar, then into the bag, works beautifully 

Bonus: a safe and easy clean-up with no cat litter to deal with.

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Belfountain Home Decorating Contest

Don’t forget to post photos in the Christmas 2021 album at What’s Happening in Belfountain?? Facebook page or send your photos in by email to be entered to win There GLOWS the neighbourhood!!

Win a prize from the GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co. , Treehouse Pottery or The Common Good .. more to come!!     

Enjoy everyone’s outdoor lights and decorations during the Jingle Walk on Dec 11th.  Judging will take place December 17th.  



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Belfountain Community Jingle Bell Walk – Dec 11th 6 – 7 PM

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Join the Effort to Stop Highway 413

Environmental Defense are running a full page ad in the Toronto Star Dec. 12 2021.   

We would like your feedback indicating if you support the B.C.O. appearing as a supporter to the objection.       We need your response by November 30 please.

Click on this link to tell us your preference:413 Survey

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