Thank You Belfountain Community for a Successful BCO AGM 2024

The Belfountain Community Organization would like to thank the Belfountain and Environs residents for another successful AGM.  Hosted on June 26th at the community hall, the AGM had great attendance. 

The list of Directors who have been elected to serve on the board for three years are:  


Paula Basciano

Harry Hoogkamp

Edi Cadham   

Grecia Mayer

Toby Cadham 

Judy Mabee

Maurica Connell

Paul Montgomery   

Cindy Dennis

Michael Stein

Erin Follett   

Michelle Rowan

Robin Hoffman

Raheleh Shabani

Ian Sinclair, Mentor and Advisor

Mark Heaton, Scientific Advisor

Daniel Brum, Director at Large

The BCO would like to thank Sarah Bohan, Belfountain Historical Society for an excellent and engaging presentation.   Minutes are available upon request.

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Region of Peel Response to Belfountain Concerns Regarding Road Project

We have received response from Ommar Moeen, P.Eng. Sr. Project Manager, Transportation Design & Construction, Region of Peel, to the concerns raised by the community at the BCO AGM June 26th, 2024 regarding the Belfountain Roads Project.

Concern with perceived expansion of wider asphalt surface through the hamlet.  Extending asphalt to limit of right-of-way for driveway “aprons” that are not currently paved is of concern.   

In previous projects we paved 3m past the shoulder as a minimum to prevent the gravel from washing out onto the paved shoulder. We can reduce the driveway apron paving to 3m from edge of shoulder or up to property line, whichever is less. E.g. if property line is 7m from the edge of paved shoulder, we will only pave 3m. Paving the gravel shoulder is a requirement on all our projects to allow for active transportation and use for pedestrians – at this point in time we cannot forego this requirement.

Concern with increased vehicle speed as a result of wider road appearance.

The travel lane widths are being reduced to a minimum of 3.30m (normally 3.50-3.75m), narrowing the lane widths will act as a traffic calming measure (motorists are shown to slow down when lane widths are narrowed). The paved shoulder and travel lanes are delineated by line markings.

 Suggest the Region only pave driveway aprons where there are currently asphalt driveways.  Otherwise limit driveway aprons to within 1m of proposed paved shoulder.

See above re: 3m from edge of paved shoulder. We can instruct the contractor accordingly during construction.

Concern the project remains consistent with Niagara Escarpment Commission “road maintenance” exemption qualifications.   

NEC exemption has been confirmed for this project.

Concerns about roadside parking and where it would be allowed or prohibited.

I will provide link to completed parking study. Any specific parking questions can be directed to our traffic engineering team.

 Concept of community monument through Belfountain Heritage Society was well received.

Peel is waiting for response from Belfountain Heritage Society on questions re: monument material, location etc. We are looking to hear back from the Belfountain Heritage Society as soon as possible.

The link to the Region of Peel website for the Belfountain project and contact information should you have any concerns regarding your property or conflicts with your property survey is

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Belfountain Community Organization Annual General Meeting – Wed. June 26th 7 – 9pm

The Belfountain Community Organization Annual General Meeting will be held in person at the Belfountain Community Hall on Wednesday June 26th, 2024 from 7 – 9 pm.    Doors open at 6:30pm.

At this time there is no Wi-Fi at the community hall therefore the meeting will be in person only.  We are working on a possible solution but cannot confirm any web based participation at this time. 

There is no potable water in the community hall.   We will bring jugs of drinking water.  If you would like some, please bring your cup.   There are two washrooms downstairs.   


  1. Call to Order and Welcome
  2. Financial Statements and Treasurer’s Report
    1. Motion to accept 2022, 2023 Financials and 2024 Forecast
  3. 2024 Nominations – Board of Directors
    1. Motion to accept list of Board of Directors
  4. Region of Peel Road Rehabilitation Project
  5. Guest Speaker – Sarah Bohan, Belfountain Heritage Society
  6. Manors of Belfountain Subdivision Update
  7. Salamander Festival





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Democracy Caledon Meeting Thurs. May 23rd at 7pm regarding Strong Mayor Power Rezoning

A local group called Democracy Caledon is hosting a Community Info Session tomorrow (Thursday May 23) regarding Strong Mayor Power Rezoning 12 sites in Caledon. Democracy Caledon has expressed it is very important a large number of Caledon residents attend as local Councillors are taking low attendance as a sign of citizen’s supporting this change in the planning process. The meeting will take place at the Bolton Community Centre from 7pm- 9pm Thursday May 23rd. See the link to their Facebook post below for more details.

Sincerely yours, 

The BCO Board of Directors 


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Rehabilitation of Old Main Street and Bush Street – Region of Peel Needs Your Input

Peel Region recently sent out a one question survey to members of Belfountain as the Region is planning to change the parkette at the intersection of Bush Street and Old Main Street.

Next year marks 200 years of Belfountain, and while the Region of Peel suggests a clock that is the same design that was used in Alton, the Belfountain Heritage Society has an alternative idea of hiring a local artist to create a beautiful piece of artwork representing Belfountain’s cultural and natural history. This option might not cost as much as the clock and will be representative of the uniqueness of our Belfountain.

Please click Rehabilitation of Old Main Street and Bush Street  or go to to cast your vote (it takes under a minute), since this clock will cost $40 000. Your voice on this matter is incredibly important. We thank you for your input so that the Region’s updates will be appreciated by all community members.

Sincerely yours,

The BCO Board of Directors 


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A Pop Up Story Telling Fund Raiser in Belfountain (so much fun!!!)

By Susan Gesner

Greetings all!

Well, for my music folks, I promise music will be in your future in the fall – I’m hoping to bring a band or two in to Belfountain before Christmas for sure – but for now, a wee change of pace…. 

A story telling pop up! And a chance to support the Belfountain Community Organization in to help with the Manors of Belfountain efforts! 

What are you doing next Friday evening, May 24th around 7:00PM? I have an idea that I KNOW you’ll enjoy! Come to Higher Ground Café in Belfountain, and join Nicola Ross, Lesley Rowe and me, as we share some stories from our books that will make you smile, laugh, take cover, want to go hiking, traveling and step dancing all at the same time! 

Yes, it’s short notice. But if you can’t think of a good reason not to come, then just come! 

Tickets are $25….you’ll get an evening of fun, possibly a cold beverage, you’ll learn something about wonderful hiking on the Bruce Trail, and who knows what else. And the best thing? Any money that we raise will go to the Belfountain Community Organization to help with the Manors of Belfountain efforts. 

You can e transfer me $25 (or whatever donation amount you wish) prior to next Friday. You can also drop money off ahead of time at the café, or pay at the door –  as a last resort.

But I hope you can join us. It will be a lovely evening of friends, laughter and raising money for a great purpose.

And I also hope you will share this note with EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Because the more, the merrier! 

So share!



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Keep Caledon green!

On May 14, town council will vote on Caledon’s future

On May 14, Caledon town council will vote on whether to adopt green development standards.

If adopted, all new developments in Caledon will have to meet strict energy and environment requirements to get approved.

Council will vote at a public meeting on Tuesday May 14 at 2:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, Caledon Town Hall.

Join us at town hall on May 14!

Community groups and youth leaders will be presenting to council, and they need your support.

Together, lets tell council to keep Caledon green!

Malkeet Sandhu

Community Organizer David Suzuki Foundation

Support the David Suzuki Foundation

Your gift will help push for bold climate action, protect nature so it can sustain all life and create resilient communities that benefit everyone.

Donate Today

The David Suzuki Foundation is a registered charity in both Canada (BN 127756716RR0001) and the United States (94-3204049). We are located at 340-1122 Mainland Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 5L1, and we also have offices in Montreal and Toronto. Please visit our website for more information on how to contact us.









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Latest on the Manors of Belfountain (MOB), a Search for Hope on the Horizon

By Edi Cadham

As you may recall from our recent update, in February 2024 a Case Management Conference (CMC) was held to decide on a hearing date in our appeal against the proposed 75 house development in Belfountain. To reduce the number of houses in the Manors of Belfountain Development, the BCO has retained a lawyer and experts who will represent us in a hearing at the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT). The OLT makes decisions regarding development proposals, and we must follow their process to protect our water.

Following the recent Case Management Conference (CMC), the Town of Caledon has reached a settlement with the Manors of Belfountain (MOB) developer. This is deeply disappointing news. Community members put our trust in the Town of Caledon politicians, who we elected and felt would support us, and they have let us down.

The Town of Caledon agreed to support our appeal against the MOB development, and yet, as the CMC in February approached, the Town withdrew their appeal, failed to submit an issues list (a document required in the OLT process outlining any issues that will be addressed at the hearing), and has now, as of March 18, 2024, decided to reach a settlement.

The Town of Caledon reached this settlement through secret discussions with the developer. These negotiations failed to include our lawyer and BCO board members. The Town also failed to thoroughly review our professional hydrogeologist’s recommendations about the MOB lands.  Faith has been lost in our elected officials.

The Town of Caledon sent a draft approval of the development which included 92 conditions in phase one and 82 conditions in phase two of the development. None of these conditions addressed Belfountain community members’ concerns regarding our domestic water supply. Phase one would consist of 48 houses, while phase two would total 75 houses. Presently, there is insufficient proof that the 75 lots with private septic tanks and wells can support our drinking water and avoid groundwater pollution for the hamlet of Belfountain in the long-term. The Town of Caledon has failed to act on behalf of residents of Belfountain who wish to protect our drinking water.

With this extremely disappointing news, it is imperative that residents of Belfountain do not lose hope. The fight is far from over. While we may not have the Town on our side, we are hopeful that with our team of experts, our lawyer, and the tenacious community spirit seen in Belfountain, we can reduce the number of houses to a reasonable number to avoid adverse effects on our drinking water supply. We may be a small community, but we are mighty. Small is beautiful. Let’s keep working together to protect our drinking water.

Sincerely yours,

The BCO Board of Directors

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Registered Letter from Manors of Belfountain Corp. – Well Testing

Hello Belfountain residents,

We understand many of you have received the attached registered letter from The Manors of Belfountain(MOB) Corp. regarding proposed well testing.  The BCO has received legal advice to share with you.

Please refrain from responding to this request until the BCO’s hydrogeologist has verified the merits of the proposed well survey.

There is no way for the BCO, our lawyer and the hydrogeologist to know, who and how many of you have received this notice and it is important that we have this information.   If you have received the letter, could you email and type in your name, address and postal code in the body of the email please. With your responses, we will create a map showing who has received notices which will help in the evaluation process.

Thank you,

The Belfountain Community Organization

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Walter Keyser’s Passing

Dear BCO members and supporters,

I’m writing to share the sad news that our wonderful Walter Keyser passed away on Friday, March 1, 2024. He lived an amazing life; filled with success, adventure, love, joy and happiness. The BCO has been  an important part of that, so we would love it if you could join us in celebrating all that Walter was. 

We’re having a visitation on Saturday, March 16 from 3pm to 5pm at Dods & McNair Funeral Home in Orangeville, and the Celebration of Life service and reception will be Sunday, March 17th at 2pm, with a short visitation beginning at 1pm. Details are available here: We invite you to share your thoughts or memories of Walter on the link as well. 

If you’re able to join us at the visitation or service, you’re welcome to bring any photos of Walter or mementos you think represent the wonderful man that he was. We’ll have a table where we’ll be collecting these pieces.

Please share the news and the visitation and service details with anyone you think would like to join us. We would love the opportunity to celebrate with as many people who knew and loved Walter as possible. 

All our love,

Helen & Adam

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