Erin Pit Expansion Update

Erin Pit Expansion

The B.C.O. has contacted The Town of Caledon regarding a 400m x 400m tract of land along the Credit River and a part of the Erin Pit Expansion. We have requested this land is donated to the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy or the Credit Valley Conservation area to benefit the community who will be negatively affected by the risk to water, truck and machinery noise, dust and visual impact affecting our hamlet. This communication is available at this link:  Brandon Ward

Members of the BCO board have attended meetings, at the Town of Caledon and in Erin, where James Dick and Associates have presented their plans for the expansion of the Erin Pit east of Winston Churchill to Shaws Creek Road. The Town of Caledon have posted signs asking for feedback to file Town File Number RZ 17-02. The planned expansion will allow extraction of aggregates below the water table just north of the Credit River. The BCO is concerned about the effect of this extraction where risk to water, truck and machinery noise, dust and visual impact affect the hamlet. The BCO needs your support to continue pressure the Town of Caledon to complete further environmental studies regarding these effects.

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3 Responses to Erin Pit Expansion Update

  1. Rob says:

    I live in Coulterville and we are aware that CBM Aggregates is currently testing/drilling in the fields around Coulterville as part of their project to possibly turn 400 acres into a below water quarry in the vicinity of Charleston Sideroad and Main Street/Regional Road 136. No application has been made as of yet. How do we begin to fight this?

  2. Eileen Markell says:

    could you give me contact email for group opposing erin pit expansion? I have some information for them regarding campaign donations

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