Water Watchers Ear to the Groundwater Walk

Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) is leading a walk to seven communities over eight days to highlight issues of gravel mining on communities and the environment. The walk will begin with an event  at 10am, on Tuesday July 13th, at the Cataract Falls. One of the bigger issues for the CBM blasting quarry will be the proposed daily dewatering of groundwater  into the West Credit River. This is an additional threat to that posed by the EWWTP.

Shane Philips WWW and supporters  will walk the whole 90 km walk over the eight days;  after the morning event in Cataract  they will walk to Belfountain, stop at Higher Ground Cafe for lunch and  talk with people about aggregate impacts and continue on to Acton.  There will be a stop at Winston Churchill and County Road 52 to highlight the additional impact to the brook trout by the EWTTP before continuing to Acton.

The summary for this walk is as follows: 

  •  Join the WWW at 9:45 at waterfalls at Forks of the Credit Park in Cataract for a 10:00 am media availability. Present will be Mike Balkwill, Shane Phillips, Rob Case, David Sylvester of Cataract, Graham Flint and Myself.
  • Lunch at noon at Higher Ground – to talk with  people over lunch about gravel mining in the area.
  • 12:30 walk to the bridge that crosses the West Credit River on Winston Churchill Road and County Road 52. 
  • 1:15 Media availability at Bridge/River – People can comment on the future health of the West Credit River and  the temperature sensitive brook trout. What will happen to the brook trout habitat pertaining to the Cataract Quarry?  
  • 1:45 Shuttle walkers back to Belfountain? Shane walks on to Acton.
  • WWW group moving on to Rockwood, Dolan, Puslinch and Campbellville quarry.

 I realize this is short notice, if you are able to attend please do so. Please post to others who might be interested. Provincial requirements identify 25 people as the max size group, we don’t know how many will show up, please  social distance.


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