The View from Belfountain

    • The View Fall 2019 – Salamander Festival, Manors of Belfountain Community Meeting,  The Park and Garlic Mustard, Cut the Crap – Keep the Credit Clean, The View From Outside the Fence, Black Powder, The Pinkney House, The Sweet Shop, Edi Cadham, Does West Caledon Need another Development Disaster, The Pit, Neighbourhood Watch, Thank you Agnes, Lucky.
    • The View Fall 2018  Salamander Festival, Edi Cadham, Municipal Election 2018, Spina Development Proposal Update, Erin Sewage Treatment Plant Proposal, The Common Good, Norm Wrycraft, Higher Ground, The 50-Year Pit, Heritage Designation?, Biker Rumble, (Forks of Credit Provincial Park) Two Years and Still Closed, (The Badlands) A Delicate Balance, (The Belfountain Conservation Area) The Park, The Anti-Litterers, Puffball Magic, Helen Notzl’s Long Jour ney Home – A Prague Love Story, Belfountain Music Festival – Another Sweet Medley and Belfountain Keeps Saying “No Development”, Help us by Making Your Voice Heard.
    • The View Summer 2017 – Enterac/ORB/Spina property development, Erin Pit expansion, Annual Belfountain Music Festival, Belfountain Community Family Events, 21st Annual Salamander Festival, Pinkney House negotiations leaking, Traffic Report and Pioneer Picnic and Horse drawn Wagon Ride to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!
    • The View Fall 2016 Salamander Festival 20th Anniversary, Community Hall Renovations, Pinkney House, Library News, Puff balls
    • The View Summer 2016 – 2016 events, Lobsterfest, Under the Maples, Reopening of the Community Hall, 20th Anniversary of Salamander Festival; The Future of the Greenbelt and Whitebelt, Heritage Conservation District Designation and the Pinkney House.
    • The View Winter 2015Christmas Pot Luck, Salamander Festival, Luminara, reconstructing Belfountain, Change to CVC’s Belfountain Complex, Local World Champions, Coming Goings and Changes, Greenbelt, Winter?, The Round House, Belfountain Village Church, Salamander Wrap-up, Cover Boys, The Town’s Plan, Waste Collection changes, Join Us!
    • The View Fall 2015 – Salamander Festival, the 180th Anniversary of the Belfountain Village Church and new pastor, Floorball anyone?, Heatherlea expands!, trunk sale, modified hours for Belfountain Public Library, goodbye Jessica, Should Caledon Be A City?, Under the Maples.
    • The View Spring 2015 – BCO Board meets mayor and regional councillor, water issues? Land Use policy changes, Heritage reach out, tribute to Alan Seymour, The Gift in the Inferno, coyotes abound, give a hoot, Belfountain Community Hall Closes, join us! And our sponsors!
    • The View Fall 2014 – Call for volunteers, Silent Auction items, and your great fund-raising ideas! Salamander Festival, Community Meeting, All-Candidates Meeting, Heritage, Badlands, Local Food/Business Issues, Tammeron leaves the Village Store ( Dec. update, Tammeron is staying).
    • The View Summer 2014 – Lobster Oh My, Orb development, Roads, More tourists?, Caledon the Greenest?, NEC, Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine up
      for review, Take out food, Belfountain and the Dalai Lama, What Can You Do, Monarchs and Milkweed, Belfountain Seeks Heritage Designation.
    • The View Spring 2011 – How to Save a Hamlet – The Belfountain Task Force, President’s Message, Book Review, Cindy Leeman, Artist, Pond Hockey on Alton Millpond, Fast & Fabulous, Solar Power, Decade of Biodiversity, Urgent Request from Value Village.
    • The View December 2010 – President’s Message, Salamanders and Snakes, Can the Pinkney House be saved?, Pond Hockey at the Alton Mill, The Belfountain Village Store, Inaugural Council ToC and RoP Meetings, Commons transformation, Invasives, Book Review, Christmas Eve Luminaria, Art, Timeless in Belfountain.
    • The View September 2010 – The Sound of Silence, Salamander Festival, Desire, Block Party, Belfountain Village Church 175th, Passing of John Trimble, Comings and Goings, From the President, Book Club, Maples: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Invasive Species.
    • The View Summer 2010 – Belfountain School’s awards!, 175th coming, RoP’s PIC for village streets, Passing of Jimmy Douglas, As Perennial as the Grass, From the President, In the Village Commons, Where is your Village voice, A Directory of Local Talent, Letters to the Editor, Adopt a Church, Enterac Lands Re-Secured, To Do This Summer.
    • The View February 2010 – A Final Curtain Call, BPS Learning Grounds, ‘e’ is for everyone, Village streets’ EA, Comings and Goings, BCO AGM, From the President, A Local Seamstress, Spirit Tree Cidery extension.
    • The View November 2009 – Salamander Festival, The Learning Grounds, Letters to the Editor, FoxXing, Fighting Fire with Fire, Under 21, Winter Tips, Live Theater, Pot Luck, Treasure`s Report, Comings and Goings, Lost and Found.
    • The View September 2009 – New BPS Principal, Think Globally – Act Locally, Welcome the Spirit Tree Estate Cidery, The Fire Hydrant, Salamander Festival coming, An Attitude of Gratitude, Mississauga Road EA, Belfountain Police Services Team, Foxy Lady, Under 21, Message from the Pres, Comings and Goings.
    • The View July 2009 – FoxTrot, A Bell on the Cat, Name the Fox, Lots Happening, Design Charrette Update, In-Town Traffic – Noise, BCO Members, Goods Exchange Day, Comings & Goings, Swap & Sell, Under 21, Squash Growing Contest, 2008 Salamander Festival Sponsors.
    • The View November 2008
    • The View June 2008
    • The View January 2008
    • The View September 2007
    • The View May 2007
    • The View October 2006
    • The View August 2006 – Orb development plan, general store back in operation, Red Brick Road, The Trimbles, Good Party, Bad Party
    • The View May 2006
    • The View January 2006
    • The View October 2005
    • The View July 2005

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  2. Ronald Isaac says:

    I have in my possession a serigraph by York Wilson entitled, ” The Auction, Belfountain ’41”. The artwork, 30″by 40″, shows a dejected looking farmer leaning against the corner of a barn, while an auctioneer is standing atop a buggy auctioning off the farmer’s belongings, a crowd of other farmers surround the buggy. Apparently the “original” is in the Art Gallery of Ontario. This copy was obtained by someone who worked as a teletype operator for Time Magazine, who at that time had an office in the West Block of Parliament Hill. When Time cleared out, they gave away the contents of their office, including “The Auction”. I would like to know if you folks can tell me anything more about this painting. Ron Isaac, Metcalfe, Ont.

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  4. Vicki says:

    I came upon your June 2008 issue. I know it’s almost 10 years ago but I knew the fellow, Nik Habermel, whose poem you published. In the article you said he lived on Manitoulin Island when he died. He died on Coburn Island.

    Thank you,

    Vicki Stone

    • Suze says:

      Yes, he died on Cockburn Island, you are right Vicki. He died doing one of the many things he loved. I’m not so sure he would have wanted to be remembered that way though. I was married to Nik but although I knew him in the most intimate way anyone can know another person I don’t think anyone really knew him. I believe he didn’t really want anyone to know him. He was generous to a fault and would help anyone in need but to the ones he loved and who loved him it was a different story. I hope his memory lives on in the most positive way possible because I do know that that’s what he would have anted.

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