Pumpkin Fun and a Hallowe’en Update

Hallowe’en Contest
Our Pumpkin Contest is up and running.   We are very excited to see what you have created.   

Please email your best pumpkin photo to Secretary@belfountain.ca by Saturday October 31st to be entered in the contest to win.  Don’t forget to include your name(s) in your email.   Prizes will be awarded.   You can also choose to share your photos through our Facebook page: 
 https://www.facebook.com/belfountaincommunity/    The number of “Likes” will be counted towards the final results.

Erin Pit Expansion Update
We are pleased to advise that the Belfountain Community Organization received party status for LPAT related to JDCL Erin Pit Expansion.  

The date for the LPAT hearing to start has been set for March 22, 2021

The BCO are preparing for the hearing with legal counsel and experts which includes gathering estimates of their costs to present on our behalf at the hearing.  The hearing is expected to last for five days.    We will be releasing fund raising details in the next few weeks. If we can settle, that’s great.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone

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A Hallowe’en Contest and Three Updates


BooFountain Pumpkin Carving Contest

The B.C.O is happy to announce we are hosting a Pumpkin Carving contest to help encourage the Hallowe’en spirit.   

Please email your best pumpkin photo to Secretary@belfountain.ca by Saturday October 31st to be entered in the contest to win.  Don’t forget to include your name(s) in your email.   Prizes will be awarded.   You can also choose to share your photos through our Facebook page:    https://www.facebook.com/belfountaincommunity/    The number of “Likes” will be counted towards the final results.

We are excited to see photos of your Spooky Decorating skills.  Thank you to our sister community Inglewood for this great idea.

Good luck to all!

This information was received from the Town of Caledon and Region of Peel in regards to Hallowe’en.

Halloween key messages 

Position on Halloween

*       This year, Peel Public Health’s recommendation on celebrating
Halloween takes into account the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the Peel
community. The Halloween guidance reflects what is right for Peel. In the
spirit of community safety, Halloween is not cancelled but will look
different this year.
*       Peel Public Health continues to recommend keeping celebrations to
close contacts within your immediate household.
*       Trick or treating may be associated with other high-risk activities
for spreading the virus, like gathering in groups, close contact and going
into other people’s homes.
*       Peel Public Health and Ontario guidelines
>  discourages traditional door-to-door trick or
treating and people should consider alternative ways to celebrate.

Suggestions on how to celebrate

*       This year, don’t let Halloween give us a greater fright due to
COVID-19. Safely enjoy the celebration and candy at a distance and away from
crowds. Try setting up a treat hunt around the house with those you live
with – in full costume of course!
*       Keep the spirit of Halloween alive while staying healthy. Showcase
Halloween craft projects on your porch and in your front windows for your
neighbours to enjoy at a distance. Wear your costume while you wave at the
*       Don’t let COVID-19 spook our community – safely celebrate at home
with those you live with by setting up a piñata filled with your favourite
Halloween treats.
*       COVID-19 won’t be in disguise this Halloween. Find creative ways to
celebrate safely. Leading up to the big day, pick a fun Halloween activity
to do with those you live with.
*       Celebrating Halloween this year will be different as we try to
reduce the amount of contact with others. Host a virtual party and set up
video chats with friends and family members who can’t celebrate in person
with you. Encourage children to show off their costumes and talk about their
favourite treats.
*       COVID-19 won’t have a costume this year but many of us will be ready
for Halloween. Celebrate safely at home by tuning into virtual costume
parades in the community and stay connected by sharing photos of your

This information was received from CVC in regards to the Belfountain
Conservation Area

As per CVC’s standard operating season dates, Belfountain Conservation Area
and the Cheltenham Badlands will be closing for the season at the end of the
day on Sunday, October 25th. 

With the shorter days and colder weather upon us, and with many other parks,
trails and greenspaces available for people to visit, our expectation is
that the closures will not be an issue. Closure fencing and signage will be
installed and CVC’s provincial offences officers and security guards will
maintain a regular presence to address any issues that arise.

We have a correction to the Community Update Oct 10th, 2020:   A red-light
camera was approved for the intersection of Highway 10 and Old Base Line
Road. Is being corrected to ” Town Council approved a letter and it was sent to Carolyn Mulroney and MTO  requesting a red-light camera at the intersection of Highway 10 and Old Base Line Road.”   Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.   Establishing community safety zones is the first step in the process of attaining access to ASE’s. We continue to pursue this enforcement option

Have a very happy Hallowe’en.

The Belfountain Community Organization

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Belfountain Community Update – October 10 2020

Belfountain Community Update:

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone finds a way to celebrate, whether it is with your immediate family or virtually.

A new business has opened in Belfountain.  Be sure to stop in to ‘N’ and say hello to the owner Miyeko. ‘N’ is a lifestyle boutique which will be open year-round. You can reach Miyeko by email at miyekosimmons@gmail.com

So much is happening around the community, so much to share.

A Ward Boundary Review is something new to consider. The Town of Caledon information is at this link: https://www.caledon.ca/en/government/ward-boundary-review

The BCO has initiated meetings with representatives of the West Caledon Traffic and Aggregate groups. Forks of the Credit residents group has joined Traffic and Cataract representatives have joined the Aggregate group.

On Sept. 29, Caledon Council passed a motion to increase the number of community safety zones with- in West Caledon.  Attached is a link for your review.https://calendar.caledon.ca/Meetings/Detail/2020-09-22-1430-General-Committee-Meeting/. This designation was required for implementation of photo radar in the area. Speeding within a community safety zone has a much bigger impact as fines are doubled in these areas.

Speed limits on the streets of Caledon and the location of stop signs were also defined in this report.

The report also identified that the average daily traffic volume on McLaren between the Forks of the Credit and the park entrance, Mississauga Road between Forks of the Credit and Cataract Road, Shaws Creek between Bush St. and River Road, were 925, 1,103 and 1,141 vehicles daily. 


Posted Speed Limit

85% Speed Driven

Above stretch of McLaren highway

50 kph

78 kph.

Mississauga Road between Forks and Cataract

60 kph

69 kph.

Shaws Creek between Bush and River Road

60 kph

84 kph

A red-light camera was approved for the intersection of Highway 10 and Old Base Line Road.

A letter was sent by the Town to Provincial Parks’ superintendents to establish a management plan that will address the many issues that have occurred at Forks of the Credit Park this year. The plan would include issues such as safety, capacity, emergency procedures, parking, etc.

The Region of Peel personnel are currently in the hamlet conducting their annual traffic studies on our  Regional roads.

Yesterday, notice from the Town of Caledon announced that Scott Street and King Street will be closed for rehabilitation from October 9 till November 9. Folks who live on Scott and King will be able to access their homes and park in their driveways.

Our West Caledon Aggregate group has compiled a prioritized list of concerns which will be presented to Municipal/Regional Councils and Provincial partners. The goal of the group is to influence the content of the respective Official Plans regarding aggregate practice.

John Spina, the developer of Manors of Belfountain, has submitted a revised application to the NEC, increasing the number of houses for the development to 75. The BCO has received the relevant documents and Ken Howard, hydrogeologist, has been engaged to review the content of the hydrogeology and functional servicing reports. It will take some time for him to complete as the content is extensive. We need Mr. Howard to verify the daily extraction of water for this development and what the impact will be on the aquifer and the community. We will inform the community as soon as the outcome is known.

The Case Management Conference which is the first meeting and stage of the LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) process for the James Dick pit extension has been set for October 26 at 9:00am. This will be a virtual proceeding.

The CMC for the LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) for the Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant proposal has been set for November 13, 2020. This too, will be a virtual proceeding.

The CMC for both LPAT’s will establish which groups or individuals will be Party to the action and who will be Participants.  David Donnelly, LLP, will be representing the BCO in both tribunals.

Wastewater treatment Plant:  Benny Marrotta initiated this LPAT. He appealed the delay of plant approval by the Town of Erin at the time we filed Part II orders with the Ministry of the Environment regarding the Environmental Assessment. Our filings are based on the impact of the effluent on the West Credit River and the Brook Trout habitat. At full build out, 7,172m3/ of effluent will be discharged daily into the West Credit River, equating to 3 Olympic sized swimming pools of effluent per day! Despite what is purported by the Erin consultants regarding the state of the water, endocrine disruptors and other chemicals cannot be removed. It is not clear how fish and other species will survive the effluent plume. The Town of Erin has identified the preferred entry port location for the effluent will be at the culvert found on Winston Churchill and Bush Street. This West Credit location was selected because it is the largest river in the area to support the effluent flow of 5,000 new homes plus conversion from wells and septic systems of the existing homes in Erin and Hillsburgh. This should be on everyone’s radar.

LPAT’s are lengthy and expensive proceedings. Mono Mills was involved in such a proceeding for Greenwood. The hearing took 6.5 years to conclude and they await judgement at this time. The overall cost was $600,000.

Covid has curtailed the opportunity to congregate in person. Online fundraising will be the way for the future along with support through donations. The BCO will implement online fundraising  along with Small Change Fund a registered charity, for donors to receive tax receipts for their generosity going forward. We have registered proactively, for the Manors of Belfountain, and are initiating the same for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Erin Pit Expansion.  Only one project can be done at a time with the SCF.  We listened to your responses in the community survey and started with the number one issue.

As always donations can be made by e-transfer and cheque to the BCO Treasurer, Paula Basciano: paula.basciano@rogers.com.

Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful fall colours! 

Be safe, be happy!


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Scott Street & King Street South Rehabilitation

Posted on Friday, October 09, 2020

Rehabilitation work will take place on Scott Street and King Street South in Belfountain. This will help improve road condition, safety, embankment stability and road drainage. Full road closure is expected.

October 9, 2020 (anticipated start date) – November 6, 2020 (anticipated end date)

Stay up-to-date

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Caledon’s Climate Change Plan – Have Your Say Before Sept. 30th

Climate change is real, and its impacts are already being felt here in Caledon. From increasing intense storm events that result in flooding to more extreme heat days in the summer, we know Caledon’s weather will become hotter, wetter and wilder in the coming years.

Caledon’s Climate Change Plan

The draft Resilient Caledon climate change plan has been released for public comment.

It includes actions on how we as a community can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, buildings and waste, as well as how we can better prepare for impacts like flooding, extreme heat, and ice storms.

Through Fall 2019, we heard from hundreds of residents, farmers, businesses, community groups and youth about how we can address climate change, and ensure Caledon continues to be a great place to live. This input has helped shape the draft plan, and ensures it responds to local issues that are relevant to Caledon.

  1. Review the draft plan and how it will be implemented.
  2. You can also check out these quick infographics below summarizing the main actions: 
  3. Don’t have time to read the full plan? You can access a 12 minute self-paced webinar that will walk you through each action area.
  4. Fill out our online survey to tell us what you think about the draft plan. Or contact us to submit comments.   

The Town will be accepting comments on the draft until September 30th, 2020.

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Saturday September 12th 9:30 AM – Special Town Council Meeting – Caledon Official Plan

The September 12, 2020 9:30 AM- Special Town Council Meeting – Official Plan Visioning Session agenda package is now on the Town’s website.  The agenda includes: 

5.1 Future Caledon – Official Plan Review

  • What we know 
  • What we have heard 
  • Where we are at
  • Where are we going
  • Future focused Town structure
  • Key topics and questions

The full agenda is available at https://calendar.caledon.ca/Meetings/Detail/2020-09-12-0930-Special-Town-Council-Meeting/a83a33cb-dd57-4059-934f-ac320099e25a

Council and Committee meeting agendas, minutes and related documents are available at caledon.ca/agenda.

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Survey Results 2020

The following are the results of the 2020 survey.   The question asked was:

What is Important to You 2020?

All of these issues are facing the Belfountain community.  The Belfountain Community Organization needs to understand your priorities.     

Please rank each of these. Your highest priority #1 to your lowest priority #14.   

These are your answer scores and rank.   93 people responded. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this. 

Choices Score Rank
Manors of Belfountain Development 11 1
Noise Cars and Motorcycles 10.72 2
Erin Waste Water Treatment Plan 10.53 3
Speeding 9.89 4
Erin Pit Expansion on Shaws Creek 9.66 5
OPP Presence 7.67 6
Noise Aggregate Trucks 7.44 7
Community Safety Zones and Photo Radar 6.84 8
Parking 6.57 9
Littering 5.7 10
413 – Don’t want it 5.45 11
Cultural Heritage Landscape (more encompassing then Designation) 5.09 12
Bike Lanes 4.75 13
413 – Want It 3.02 14


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Revised Construction Notice for Mississauga Road Embankment Stabilization Project

Please see attached revised Construction Notice for Mississauga Road Embankment Stabilization Project

The project’s anticipated completion date has been extended to September 21st due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Construction signage will be updated to reflect the revised date.

Project Location: Mississauga Road from 800m south of Cataract Road southerly for 520metres

Anticipated Start Date:                        June 15, 2020

REVISED Anticipated End Date:         September 21, 2020

The Road will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the work.

The last accessible municipal address driving southbound from Charleston Side Road on Mississauga Road will be #17720.

The last accessible municipal address driving northbound from Forks of the Credit Road on Mississauga Road will be #17710.

Please note that local access will be maintained for residents, businesses, emergency services, school transportation, waste collection, etc. 

If you require further details, please contact Caleb Blain (Project Manager), (905) 584-2272 x 4220 (Office), (416) 526-6086 (Cell) or caleb.blain@caledon.ca)  

Town of Caledon |  www.caledon.ca  www.visitcaledon.ca | Follow us @YourCaledon

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Corrected Survey – Please Could You Respond Again Using This New Link


My sincere apologies to everyone especially those who have already completed the survey.  Based on feedback regarding the original survey, we have decided it is best to reissue it.

Please would you use this link to access the corrected version of the survey and re-enter your answers.   https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/X3B34X      It does only take a couple of minutes and your rework is greatly appreciated.   If you did open the original one and found it confusing, you will find this easier to understand.    When you choose the item from the list most important to you, it moves automatically to the top of the list.

Thank you for your patience.


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Cambium Farms Announces The Patio is Opening This Weekend

We are excited to announce The Patio at Cambium Farms is opening this upcoming Saturday and Sunday, August 1st and 2nd.  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer at the Farm while sipping on an ice cold local beverage and snacking on some delicious food from our award-winning food trucks!

With our countryside views, live entertainment, and complimentary craft beer tasting from Furnace Room Brewery, The Patio at Cambium Farms is the perfect spot to spend the afternoon with your friends and family. While you’re here, why not check out our recent renovations!

August 1st: 12pm – 10pm
August 2nd: 12pm to 8pm

** More dates to come!!!

Reservations are by email only. Please email events@cambiumfarms.com to book your table today!

Walk-in’s also available!

Be sure to follow Cambium Farms closely for more sneak peeks!!


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