Update on Manors of Belfountain Case Management Conference

Date: February 16, 2024

Update on the MOB

Delving Into the Key Points of the Recent CMC (Case Management Conference)

 Regarding the Manors of Belfountain Development Proposal 

By Edi Cadham

On February 1, 2024 the Case Management Conference (CMC) took place to set the hearing dates in our Appeal against the conditional approval of the Manors of Belfountain (MOB) Development Proposal.

The Belfountain Community Organization (BCO) submitted an issues list, conveying important issues we wish to address at the hearing. The BCO is working to protect our community’s access to safe drinking water, an issue deeply important to each member of Belfountain.

When members of the community delegated to the Town of Caledon last fall, the Town agreed to support residents in our appeal against the MOB development. This was recognized as a major win. Unfortunately, during the CMC, the legal counsel for the Town of Caledon expressed they had not submitted an issues list and were working to negotiate with the legal counsel to the developer at this time. Members of the Region of Peel were also present at the CMC, they did not submit an issues list and are currently acting as an observer in this case; however, their position may change if they feel they need to become more involved and submit an issues list.

The legal counsel to the MOB requested a consolidated hearing. This would combine the Appeal to the Niagara Escarpment Commission’s conditional approval of the MOB development, and the developers Appeal made due to the Town of Caledon’s failure to make a decision about the development. The legal counsel to the MOB requested this consolidation under section 21 when it normally falls under section 16. Using section 21 for the consolidated hearing would mean the final decision in regard to the proposed development would rest with the Ontario Land Tribunal and could not be put forward to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry. This is an unusual occurrence and the BCO’s legal counsel is attempting to ensure the consolidated hearing will be put under section 16 only. On May 23, 2024 there will be another CMC where motions will be tabled regarding the consolidation of the hearing.

The date of our hearing has been set for February 10, 2025. It is anticipated to last 3 weeks. A hearing of this length will be costly, but the security of our drinking water is invaluable. With this in mind, we are taking pledges for donations in the fight to preserve Belfountain’s water and decrease the number of houses in the proposed development to a sustainable outcome.

While we await an update at the next CMC regarding the Town’s negotiation with the developer and the future of our case, the BCO is requesting pledges to donate to protect Belfountain’s water. We need your financial support now more than ever. Pledge to protect your drinking water now!

The BCO’s door knocking campaign will begin February 24th.

Belfountain may be small, but this quaint community has flooded Town Hall meetings with booming voices and calls for change, we have fought long and hard to protect our drinking water and wildlife in Belfountain, and we must continue to stand together to create a positive difference for residents and for the future. Small is Beautiful.

Sincerely yours,

The BCO Board of Directors

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Luminaria Tonight 5pm

The Christmas Eve Luminaria is a beautiful tradition that the BCO would like to invite all residents and business owners in the Hamlet and environs to participate in. The more who participate, the more of a sight it will be; it makes Christmas Eve that much more special! It’s great to get out as a family with friends, enjoy the sight and meet your neighbours during the holiday season.  For more read: http://www.belfountain.ca/christmas-eve-luminaria/

If you need bags, $4.00 for a bundle of 10. Contact the treasurer@belfountain.ca  for information and orders.

A couple of proven tricks can make a difference with the Luminaria bags and you will be able to save many of the bags for next year as well. Try the following for a safe display and easy clean-up:

  1. double fold the top of the bag down a couple of inches to make a collar which will help stabilize the bag and prevent scorching
  2. try “stubby” votive candles (Watson brand at the Dollar Store works well), instead of tea lights. They are 1 1/2″ and last about 8 hours 
  3. an aluminum tartlet shell, placed in a pint size mason jar, then into the bag, works beautifully. Bonus: a safe and easy clean-up with no cat litter to deal with.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.  We hope you enjoy this time with your family and friends.  

Belfountain Community Organization

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Belfountain Community Organization – Things You Need to Know!

The BCO has received a date from legal counsel for the Case Management Conference (CMC) for the Manors of Belfountain Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) hearing.   This CMC meeting will take place Feb 1, 2024, 8:00am-4:00pm. This is the next step in preparation for the hearing.
On August 8, 2023, the community approved the BCO filing to appeal the NEC decision made on July 20, 2023. The appeal was submitted to the NEC August 9 by legal counsel.18 appeals were made to the NEC that day regarding Manors. Once the appeal was submitted, the BCO was committed to follow this process through.
The CMC is a preliminary meeting between the adjudicator, lawyers and parties involved in the case. This conference helps the adjudicator establish:

  1. Time frames
  2. Determine the issues
  3. What is agreed to and what is not
  4. Determine how the case may need to proceed
  5. Try to resolve all the issues
The BCO will need to retain experts to present our issues at the hearing. The experts include legal counsel, a planner, a hydrogeologist and a natural heritage expert. The cost for experts is sizable.
The dates for the hearing will be scheduled at the CMC. The number of days required for the hearing will be based on how many issues need to be resolved. At this point we anticipate the hearing will be a minimum of 11 days, (this would include opening comments, three days for each expert to present the issues, and closing comments).
For both the CMC and the OLT, the experts will be paid from generous donations and participation of residents in various fund-raising events that involve the community. These events will take place overtime.
The experts that present at the hearing will be speaking on behalf of the community. They will be exemplary in their fields and have the knowledge and expertise to win this appeal.  An expert will be required for each specialty.
Thirty years ago, the Belfountain community and supporters fought to prevent a subdivision with fewer proposed houses on the same land for the same reasons we have today.  The adjudicator ruled that something would be built on this land. No developer has been able to address the hydrogeology functional servicing issues for this development to date. The cost for the hearing in 1991 was $120,000.
At the community meeting in August residents demonstrated strong support to appeal the development decision of the NEC, for conditional approval of 75 houses on the Manors of Belfountain land.  
We are now on the cusp of preparation for the first step of this process, the CMC meeting.   We need your help; we need volunteers to help organize fundraising events and donations and get the word out there to let neighbours and friends know how important it is to get involved.  No experience is required, just a willingness to participate.
We have scheduled our first fundraising meeting for December 19th at 7:00pm. To attend, email secretary@belfountain.ca to receive the Zoom meeting link.
 If you, or someone you know, are unable to participate and would like to donate, you can do so by either of these methods:

  1.        Donating directly to the B.C.O: 100% of donations made are used to pay legal fees, experts’ invoices, and administration costs. No tax receipts are available.  The B.C.O. is an incorporated non-profit organization supported by volunteers. You can donate directly to the B.C.O. by cheque, cash or e-transfer by contacting  treasurer@ belfountain.ca, or click on the link below to use PayPal at BCO to support the initiatives. 100% of donations made are used to pay legal fees, experts’ invoices, and administration costs. No tax receipts are available.  The B.C.O. is an incorporated non-profit organization supported by volunteers. B.C.O. administration costs are outlined in our financial statements which are reviewed publicly at the Annual General Meeting and posted to our website.
  2.     Donating through Small Change Fund: For those of you who would like a tax receipt, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Small Change Fund.  When you donate $25 or more you will receive a tax receipt.  SCF does retain a percentage of the funds donated to support the services they provide as outlined on their website, see recent changes. The project: (Manors of Belfountain Subdivision) Belfountain-needs-your-help.  As projects are resolved and donations received are higher than the invoices for the project, the overage will be applied to the most urgent of the remaining issue.
  3.  Donate in Person:  You can donate in person at the Belfountain Christmas Potluck on Friday December 15th at 6:00 pm.  For RSVP information please go to Belfountain.ca
Please share this email and spread the word to everyone you can think of that can help us with this fight.  The time is now.   Let’s start telling people about this.  Ask everyone interested in protecting Belfountain, to register at www. Belfountain.ca so we can be sure to reach everyone and provide updates.
Please come out and join us in our fundraising efforts so we can win this hearing. There is nothing we can’t do together! 
See you all then!

Belfountain may be small, but we are mighty when we work together!
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RSVP for Belfountain Community Christmas Potluck – Friday Dec. 15th 6 pm

RSVP to mikee46@hotmail.com and let us know how many people will be joining and what you will be bringing.

Space is limited.  RSVP as soon as you can as this has been a sold out event historically.  

Don’t forget to tell your neighbours to register at www.belfountain.ca to receive community updates  

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Belfountain News Dec 2022

Santa’s mailbox will be inside the Higher Ground Café in Belfountain.  Starting December 13th children of all ages may drop off their letters to Santa (don’t forget to include your home address so Santa can write back).

Belfountain Village Church

Welcome all to the December 23rd candlelight service, followed by cider and Christmas carols at the Church.

Luminaria bags

“Remember when…..” books

Once again, we have our lovely “Remember when” books for sale if you are in need of a unique stocking stuffer.  For $10.00 this informative historical book written by Bernice Trimble a long time Belfountain resident and historical author.  Lots of interesting facts and old photographs of Belfountain.  This is a fundraiser for the BCO.  Books are available in the Higher Ground Café or please contact the treasurer@belfountain.ca for more information and pick-up.

Belfountain Historical Poster

We have a few posters available for $20.00. Nicola Ross, local journalist and former Belfountain resident has designed a delightful poster with extensive research into the historical homes of the hamlet. To request and pick up, please contact treasurer@belfountain.ca

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Your BCO Needs Your Help

The Belfountain Community Organization has been an active community group for over 33 years.  We are a non-profit organization that relies on people volunteering their time to make things happen. The focus of the group has been to bring the community together through social events, and to work on projects that support the community motto, “To preserve the rural, cultural and environmental integrity of the hamlet of Belfountain and environs.”

The BCO needs your help. We need people to join the Board.

If you enjoy working with people and are interested in organizing events that bring the community together, please contact us.  If you have concerns about anything that impacts the quality of life in this beautiful rural community, contact us. Let’s have a conversation and discuss how we can work together. Those concerns include such things as Manors of Belfountain development, the Erin Wastewater Recovery Facility, water quality, roads, traffic, noise, the Cataract aggregate blasting quarry, sustaining the cultural heritage of the community and preserving our rural natural environment.

The Board is made up of 15 directors, which includes executive members, who meet monthly for 1.5 hours. The Executive meets more frequently as required. When there are 15 directors, the work to be done can be more evenly distributed and collaboratively shared, making it a positive experience for everyone.

Currently, there are six Board members. This limits what can be accomplished. Please think about how you would like to support the Belfountain community.

We look forward to your call or email.

Contact: Judy Mabee- email: judy.mabee@gmail.com

Cell# 416-670-3879

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House Fire on Horseshoe Hill Road


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Orbeez Challege…not a good idea


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Deadly House Fire in Caledon


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