Rehabilitation of Old Main Street and Bush Street – Region of Peel Needs Your Input

Peel Region recently sent out a one question survey to members of Belfountain as the Region is planning to change the parkette at the intersection of Bush Street and Old Main Street.

Next year marks 200 years of Belfountain, and while the Region of Peel suggests a clock that is the same design that was used in Alton, the Belfountain Heritage Society has an alternative idea of hiring a local artist to create a beautiful piece of artwork representing Belfountain’s cultural and natural history. This option might not cost as much as the clock and will be representative of the uniqueness of our Belfountain.

Please click Rehabilitation of Old Main Street and Bush Street  or go to to cast your vote (it takes under a minute), since this clock will cost $40 000. Your voice on this matter is incredibly important. We thank you for your input so that the Region’s updates will be appreciated by all community members.

Sincerely yours,

The BCO Board of Directors 


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