BCO Achievements

The following describes some of the achievements of the BCO:

  • Prevention of unacceptable Enterac development
  • Publish the Newsletter “The View from Belfountain” since 1988
  • Redesign of Bush/Main St. intersection
  • Prevention of widening of Main St.
  • Retention of Main Street as accepted name, rather than Mississauga Road
  • Salamander Fall Festival
  • Annual village Christmas Party
  • Mac’s Park maintenance in conjunction with C.V.C.
  • Village notice board
  • Support of fish hatchery
  • Building and maintaining our playground
  • Worked together with the Town of Caledon to implement guidelines for commercialization within Belfountain
  • Publish and maintain this Belfountain.ca web site. Belfountain.ca was researched, developed and created by educator David MRD Spencer and donated to residents of Belfountain in July 2005. The Belfountain Community Organization are the copyright holders of Belfountain.ca and all web site contents.