Belfountain Community Organization – Fundraising Garage Sale Saturday Sept. 25th 11 am – 3pm


This year on what would have been SALAMANDER FESTIVAL



Throw in some music with a couple of local bands. Get together with our neighbours and help fund the BCO’s fight to preserve our community.  This is a FUNDRAISER, so please DONATE A PORTION OF YOUR PROCEEDS to the BELFOUNTAIN COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION that works for you and me.

TIME: 11 am to 3 pm
PLACE: You can have your own table in front of your house or join the COMMUNITY TABLES IN THE VILLAGE.  For information regarding the community tables please email

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Town of Erin Must Follow Through with its Commitments to Stakeholders


For Immediate Release:  11 August 2021

Town of Erin Must Follow Through with its Commitments to Stakeholders

The Coalition for the West Credit River (Coalition) is concerned that the Town of Erin is moving forward to the construction phase of the Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant when it has not met key commitments it made in its Town of Erin Urban Centre Wastewater Servicing Class Environmental Study Report (ESR).

For this reason, Judy Mabee, President of the Belfountain Community Organization and Linda Heron, Chair of the Ontario Rivers Alliance, have filed an Environmental Bill of Rights Application for Investigation of the Corporation of the Town of Erin (Town). The Ministry will investigate whether the Town contravened or violated Section 38 of the Environmental Assessment Act.

The ESR committed to issuing an Addendum to the ESR once a final project site was chosen.  The Project received Minister Jeff Yurek’s conditional approval on 29 August 2019; however, Site 1 (the Solmar land) was not officially chosen until a Town Council Meeting held on 18 August 2020, more than 2 years after the Notice of Completion was issued. The Council resolution included the announcement that a corresponding Addendum to the ESR would be completed.

Judy Mabee reported, “Mayor Alls recently informed us that the Town would not be issuing an Addendum and that the Project has been put out to tender to three pre-qualified contractors.  They expect to award the contract sometime this month”. 

The ESR also committed to an Environmental Management Plan, an Arborist Report for all affected areas, and additional bird and bat surveys; however, we are not aware if these additional commitments were completed before brush was cleared and burned, trees ripped out by the roots and a coldwater Brook Trout nursery and tributary to the West Credit River was severely damaged by heavy machinery in and around the study area.

The majority of this damage took place in a Provincially Significant West Credit River Wetland Complex, Species at Risk Woodlands, and a Greenbelt Natural Heritage System. It is important to know if these additional studies were done before major damage was done to SARs, SARA, migratory birds and/or sensitive species habitats, or if they were ever done.

Failing to issue an Addendum to the ESR deprives stakeholders, the public, and Indigenous communities of the opportunity to be consulted and provide input into this highly controversial Project.  If successful, the Minister will ensure these commitments are met, and provide a 30-day comment period to the public and Indigenous communities”, said Linda Heron.

The Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks and the Auditor General’s office are charged with considering the Coalition’s Application for Investigation.

The Coalition for the West Credit River represents the following organizations: the Belfountain Community Organization, Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club, Ontario Rivers Alliance, Ontario Streams, Trout Unlimited Canada – Greg Clark Chapter and the West Credit River Watch.

For more information contact:

Judy Mabee

President, Belfountain Community Organization

Chair, Coalition for the West Credit River

(416) 670-3879


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Cataract Community Yard Sale – Help Fight the Votorantim Cimentos/CBM Blasting Mega Quarry

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Coalition for the West Credit River – Update and Colouring Contest

Thank you for your continued support of our Campaign to ensure the Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant does no harm to the West Credit River and its self-sustaining coldwater Brook Trout population. 
You showed us that you care about West Credit River Brook Trout when you signed the “Cut the Crap Keep the Credit” petition, donated to our Small Change Fund and submitted letters supporting a federal environmental review of the project.  Thanks to you and all our supporters, the petition now has over 22,000 signatures.  To keep abreast of our Campaign you can also follow us on Facebook

The Coalition for the West Credit River (Coalition) was disappointed when the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada failed to approve our request for a full federal review; however, the federal agencies’ reports have provided us with new avenues of pursuit.  

The Coalition continues to advocate for key effluent temperature limits and water quality requirements identified in the Impact Assessment Agency’s decision, and we will release additional information over the coming weeks. 

The Coalition is currently running a Colouring Contest to help raise an awareness of the West Credit River ecosystem, and its sensitive Brook Trout population.  Attached is the full-sized Colouring Sheet along with the instructions.

The contest is open to children and adults.  We encourage you to enter to win one of the following prizes:
  • Children’s prizes: A Brook Trout plushie, The Ultimate Book of Sharks, or a subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine. 
  • Adult Prizes: Brook Trout belt, Brook Trout sun or eyeglass retainers, and Redside Dace coffee mug.
Contest closes at midnight on 15 August, and winners will be announced on 31 August 2021.
Thank you for your support!  Have a wonderful day!


Judy Mabee,
Chair, Coalition for the West Credit River
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Land Use Compatibility – People, Houses and Aggregate Operations – Your Help Please

The MECP is currently considering changes to the Land Use Compatibility Guideline. Public comments to the proposed changes are invited until August 6, 2021 on the Environment Registry of Ontario:

Changing land use compatibility guidelines can have a substantial effect on how aggregate operations are conducted and their location and impact on Caledon residents.    The West Caledon Communities Aggregate Group’s principal concern is the unwarranted exemption, from application of the Area of Influence (AOI) and Minimum Separation Distance (MSD) in the Guideline, to land use decisions for new or expanding aggregate operations proposed near sensitive land uses.  Read the letter and attachments at: Aggregate

To support us in requesting these changes are made by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, please consider copying the following into your personal submission to the  before August 6th.  You can submit without setting up an account.

I support the recent letter and supporting documentation sent to you by the West Caledon Communities Aggregate Group (July 28th, 2021).

I respectfully request,

  • that the MECP remove the unwarranted exemption from application of the Area of Influence (AOI) and Minimum Separation Distance (MSD) in the Guideline to land use decisions for new or expanding aggregate operations proposed near sensitive land uses.
  • that MECP acknowledge “flyrock” (the ultimate adverse effect of blasting quarry operations) as a contaminant, pursuant to the 2013 Supreme Court of Canada ruling in Castonguay Blasting Ltd. v. Ontario (Environment);[1] and
  • that MECP’s AOI (Area of Influence) and MSD (Minimum Separation Distance) apply to all major facilities, including new and expanding quarry operations, and sensitive land uses.

[1] Castonguay Blasting Ltd. v. Ontario (Environment), 2013 SCC 52 (CanLII), [2013] 3 SCR 323, <>, retrieved on 2021-07-12

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Urgent Advisory Re: CBM Caledon Well Survey

Employees from CBM Saint Marys are canvassing this week distributing a water well survey request to every household within 1 km of the proposed quarry.    

July 20, 2021

To the Residents of Cataract and West Caledon,

Many of you will have recently received a brown envelope from CBM St. Marys containing a request for permission to undertake a private water well survey.  This information will be used to facilitate the application process for the CBM Caledon Quarry.  We, the local residents will not benefit from this in any way.

If CBM is able to get a license for this quarry (which we intend to ensure never happens), they will be obligated to monitor all area residential wells on a regular basis. In that event, we will ensure that our wells are assessed and monitored by an impartial third party, possibly the Region of Peel, but certainly not the applicant themselves.

We urge all of you not to provide any water well information to CBM St. Marys. We would respectfully suggest you deposit their brown envelope and contents into your blue bin.  

We are continuing our efforts to thwart this quarry application process. We are engaged in discussions with our local counsellors as well as the planning departments of both the Town of Caledon and the Region of Peel.  We will be sending out a more detailed citizens’ update shortly to our website subscribers at

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Forks of the Credit Preservation Group 
Working Together to Stop the Quarry
David Sylvester – Director  647.230.5391

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Belfountain Needs Your Help

We need your help.  Belfountain is about to be crushed by a 80-year gravel pit, 7.2 million litres of treated sewage from nearby Erin gushing daily into the West Credit river, and a dense suburban- style subdivision of 75 houses on our southern flank.
Belfountain has always welcomed you and you have told us how much you enjoy our village.  These developments threaten to overwhelm our rural hamlet and destroy the cold-water streams, farmland, woodland trails, and wildlife habitat of this UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve in the heart of the Greenbelt.
The situation is urgent – we must act now.  Our only hope to protect the hamlet and environs is to hire experts in hydrology and environmental law to prevent these disasters.  But we are a volunteer, not-for-profit organization, and need to raise the funds to hire qualified experts.
We ask you to please contribute to our cause.  Please be generous – but any amount is appreciated.

  1.  Donating directly to the B.C.O: 100% of donations made are used to pay legal fees, experts’ invoices, and administration costs. No tax receipts are available.  The B.C.O. is an incorporated non-profit organization supported by volunteers. You can donate directly to the B.C.O. by cheque, cash or e-transfer by contacting  treasurer@, or click on the link below to use PayPal at BCO to support the initiatives. 100% of donations made are used to pay legal fees, experts’ invoices, and administration costs. No tax receipts are available.  The B.C.O. is an incorporated non-profit organization supported by volunteers. B.C.O. administration costs are outlined in our financial statements which are reviewed publicly at the Annual General Meeting and posted to our website.

  2. Donating through Small Change Fund: For those of you who would like a tax receipt, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Small Change Fund.  When you donate $25 or more to any of the three projects, you will receive a tax receipt.  SCF does retain a percentage of the funds donated to support the services they provide as outlined on their website. Choose the project:   (Manors of Belfountain Subdivision).   Belfountain-needs-your-help  (Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant)  Cut-the-crap-save-the-credit  or  (JDCL Erin Pit Expansion),  Gravel-pit-threatens-Belfountain.  As projects are resolved and donations received are higher than the invoices for the project, the overage will be applied to the most urgent of the remaining two issues.

The residents and visitors who love Belfountain will thank you for years to come.
Judy Mabee, President
Belfountain Community Organization   




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Colouring Contest

Stressed?  Kids at home for the summer?  Help raise awareness about the West Credit River and learn about Brook Trout by entering our colouring contest.  Entries from both kids and adults wanted!

Use our biolink to download the colouring sheets and instructions.  Send a picture of your masterpiece to by August 15th to win prizes.

Artwork Credit: @happy_platypus

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Water Watchers Ear to the Groundwater Walk

Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) is leading a walk to seven communities over eight days to highlight issues of gravel mining on communities and the environment. The walk will begin with an event  at 10am, on Tuesday July 13th, at the Cataract Falls. One of the bigger issues for the CBM blasting quarry will be the proposed daily dewatering of groundwater  into the West Credit River. This is an additional threat to that posed by the EWWTP.

Shane Philips WWW and supporters  will walk the whole 90 km walk over the eight days;  after the morning event in Cataract  they will walk to Belfountain, stop at Higher Ground Cafe for lunch and  talk with people about aggregate impacts and continue on to Acton.  There will be a stop at Winston Churchill and County Road 52 to highlight the additional impact to the brook trout by the EWTTP before continuing to Acton.

The summary for this walk is as follows: 

  •  Join the WWW at 9:45 at waterfalls at Forks of the Credit Park in Cataract for a 10:00 am media availability. Present will be Mike Balkwill, Shane Phillips, Rob Case, David Sylvester of Cataract, Graham Flint and Myself.
  • Lunch at noon at Higher Ground – to talk with  people over lunch about gravel mining in the area.
  • 12:30 walk to the bridge that crosses the West Credit River on Winston Churchill Road and County Road 52. 
  • 1:15 Media availability at Bridge/River – People can comment on the future health of the West Credit River and  the temperature sensitive brook trout. What will happen to the brook trout habitat pertaining to the Cataract Quarry?  
  • 1:45 Shuttle walkers back to Belfountain? Shane walks on to Acton.
  • WWW group moving on to Rockwood, Dolan, Puslinch and Campbellville quarry.

 I realize this is short notice, if you are able to attend please do so. Please post to others who might be interested. Provincial requirements identify 25 people as the max size group, we don’t know how many will show up, please  social distance.


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Traffic Calming Measures – Region of Peel

You may remember from our emails in March, the BCO has been actively involved along with the West Caledon Communities Traffic Group to address traffic and noise.   Traffic Calming Letter

We have received a traffic calming strategy from the Region of Peel which will be in place during Covid.  Covid is an emergency situation and traffic calming measures we see this summer may change post Covid.   

As the first step to calm traffic, the Region of Peel will be installing 14 center of the road bollards in Belfountain and along Forks of the Credit Road.   They will be placed where the shark’s tooth marking are.  Please see the draft proposal from the Region of Peel below.

The Region of Peel will be doing these five things as their next steps:

  • Plan for a Public Information Meeting (pending pandemic and provincial restrictions)
  • Parking Review- Available Option and Proposed Traffic Calming Measures
  • Review comments from the Public on the Plan
  • Prepare a Staff Report to Council for By-Law Amendment Changes
  • Traffic Signage- Schedule Improvements 2021

To see this in a larger format, please click Here


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