Pick Up Belfountain Day Saturday May 3rd or Saturday May 10th, 2014

I have asked the region to provide Belfountain with assistance in picking up the storm debris we are all struggling with. It has come to my attention that areas surrounding Belfountain have or are receiving  help with their brush and debris.

Erin and Hillsburgh have a clean up scheduled for May 5.  We have residents who either have no trucks, are elderly or are simply overwhelmed by the amount of wood. To date we are awaiting news of trucks from one councillor. We will need volunteers to help with the pick up though. The town has announced their Tree Round UP program which has various dates. The closest to Belfountain is in Inglewood on Sunday May 11th from 10 am -2 pm. This helps those residents who are able to deliver their trees and branches, any size to the site. It does not help those residents who cannot transport or lift the debris.  Inglewood is also not an easy destination for Belfountain residents requiring  multiple trips.  The BCO is working on a plan. With your help we need to get organized and help clean up Belfountain.  Saturday May 3rd  is the target day.

Anyone with a chipper, trucks, and who is able bodied, willing to help please call me 519 927 5558.  Anyone in need of pick up and help call me too so we can get a list together. I realize many have managed on their own-started or finished the process independantly. If you are free on Saturday May 3 or Saturday May 10th  please let me know. The most volunteers that respond for either day wins!!:)  We may need one or both days depending on the response. The dates may need to change when/if trucks are made available. Check www.belfountain.ca for updates.

Please help your neighbours so we can get Belfountain belle again.  I will post flyers in the village today.


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