Region of Peel is coming in 7-14 days to pick up storm debris

I spoke with the foreman of the crew for the Region of Peel who estimates that they will be working on Belfountain in 7-14 days. However they will only be working on Regional roads which are Olde Base Line, Winston Churchill south of Bush street, Bush street. Mississauga rd and Forks of the Credit. Residents are to bring their debris to the curb for pick-up. The crew will only pass by once. To quote the foreman “don’t start hauling wood from the back forty to the road or we’ll have to pass you by”.

That means storm debris needs to be ready for pickup by May 1 on those roads.

This is good news for the hamlet however it does not help those residents who still need assistance cutting up wood, or getting it to the curb, or those residents who are overwhelmed on Caledon Mountain Drive, Shaws Creek and Winston Churchill north of Bush street who will not be helped by Peel Region.

I still think we need a community day to help our neighbours get Belfountain cleaned up. A neighbour has offered her trailer, David Kendall has offered his expertise in cutting up wood. Some more trucks trailers and able-bodies for hauling on May 3 would really help.

If you are in need of assistance to be either ready for the Region or you are not on a regional road and need help please call me 519 927 5558 and we will try to get some volunteers together. If you are able to volunteer on May 3 please call.


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