Your BCO Needs Your Help

The Belfountain Community Organization has been an active community group for over 33 years.  We are a non-profit organization that relies on people volunteering their time to make things happen. The focus of the group has been to bring the community together through social events, and to work on projects that support the community motto, “To preserve the rural, cultural and environmental integrity of the hamlet of Belfountain and environs.”

The BCO needs your help. We need people to join the Board.

If you enjoy working with people and are interested in organizing events that bring the community together, please contact us.  If you have concerns about anything that impacts the quality of life in this beautiful rural community, contact us. Let’s have a conversation and discuss how we can work together. Those concerns include such things as Manors of Belfountain development, the Erin Wastewater Recovery Facility, water quality, roads, traffic, noise, the Cataract aggregate blasting quarry, sustaining the cultural heritage of the community and preserving our rural natural environment.

The Board is made up of 15 directors, which includes executive members, who meet monthly for 1.5 hours. The Executive meets more frequently as required. When there are 15 directors, the work to be done can be more evenly distributed and collaboratively shared, making it a positive experience for everyone.

Currently, there are six Board members. This limits what can be accomplished. Please think about how you would like to support the Belfountain community.

We look forward to your call or email.

Contact: Judy Mabee- email:

Cell# 416-670-3879

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