STOP SPRAWL – Small Is Beautiful

The signs have arrived!


If you’re against big-time development coming to small-time Belfountain and environs, we’ve got just the thing for you!

The BCO is providing the signs free of charge.

To receive your sign, we would be grateful if you would contact either:

  • Grecia or David at 519-927-3204 or by email at
  • Darryl via 647-223-7242 or by email to
  • You can pick them up at 28 Caledon Mountain Drive or 760 Forks of the Credit Road
    or ask to have your sign delivered.

It’s election time, and we need Belfountain and environs bristling with signs shouting our collective message.

Your BCO

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11 Responses to STOP SPRAWL – Small Is Beautiful

  1. Karen says:

    It’s interesting that you say the growth of Ontario’s economy depends on bringing in new people. At the same time, there are tremendous infrastructure costs and other costs to accommodate these people. As our governments are already heavily in debt, I’m not sure how increased spending benefits the economy except to drive our province and nation further into debt. There are some false economics going on here.
    Also, as we continue to pave over our farmland, how will people eat? Europe is very aware of food security. Why aren’t we? Denying this reality is really putting your head in the sand. I agree with you that some sensible planning needs to take place. When you say “Bellfountain is safe,” rest assured that its “safety” is very much dependent on the many resident volunteers who have taken action over the past 30 years and continue to take action to preserve the countryside for the benefit of future generations.

  2. Tom says:

    I was glad to see your reference to Places to Grow as one of many provincial acts that guide the management of growth in Ontario. In reading it you must have noted that the Province has specifically mandated that growth will first be directed to existing urban areas on full municipal services. This is the “intensification” often referred to and does not apply to rural communities. The balance of the growth that will come to Ontario is mandated to occur in new settlements in proportions that the province determines and allocates to Regions.
    Peel Region, takes the provincially determined population growth and allocates that, in turn, to the municipalities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. Caledon then plans for its ability to accommodate its share of the growth that will occur, having regard for all regulatory requirements including connection to full municipal services, protection of designated environmental features (escarpment, green belt, CVC lands),etc.
    There is no chance that urban sprawl will come to Belfountain, Terra Cotta, or anywhere else within or above the Greenbelt. There will, however, be an ever increasing sprawl that will effectively urbanize all of the Peel Plain, being everything north of Mayfield Road up to the Greenbelt.
    As Brampton and Mississauga are now fully planned out for urbanization, only Caledon is left to accommodate Peel’s share of future growth and therefore the pace of that sprawl will increase exponentially in years to come. All of this land is prime agricultural land, however it is not afforded the same provincial protections as the other classes of land and by default is the only land that can be designated for growth. We need to understand that Ontario is growing by 100,000 people per year and that new housing must be built. The economy of Ontario depends on both the economic growth that comes from population growth, and the high paying construction jobs. We, who already live here, might like to deny that privilege to those that might like what we enjoy, but we should really have workable answers to accommodate the growth that is going to occur. We should likewise be concerned that, by default, the only solution to planning for the future is, at present, urbanizing farm land. Denying the reality of population growth is to put your head in the sand and failing to plan for what will come is surely not a solution.
    Rest assured that Bellfountain is safe and you can take down your signs. It looks somewhat alarmist. Consider putting your efforts into assisting Peel Region and Caledon work out where best to put the thousands of new homes that will be built here.

  3. Karen says:

    John, I just read your question about candidates who are sympathetic to our issues.

    Yes – in my personal opinion, Ian Sinclair (for mayor) and Barb Shaunessy (for Region) both have a clear grasp of the challenges we face and seem to be prepared to do something about them.

  4. Steve Smith says:

    Why are we objecting to more folks moving up here. If my family had objected. There be no one living here.

  5. Steve Smith says:

    Guess our family started the sprawl in 1830’s. Didn’t see any signs then.

  6. John Rutter says:

    Read article in Caledon Citizen. Very impressed. Although my wife & I are living in Terra Cotta , our concerns for the future of Caledon are very similar. As time goes on & as I talk to more people I realize that there are groups forming all over the Township – all saying the same thing. This new catch word of ” INTENSIFICATION” really has me concerned. All I get from our local politicians is – ” This is being driven by the Provincial Government & there is nothing we can do about it”. TOTALLY DISAGREE. These local municipal elections are so important. Good luck with your up coming All candidates meeting. I am trying to get some interest in a day time All candidates meeting. I work permanent nights & therefore find it impossible to go to evening meetings. I can’t believe that I am alone in this situation. What about all the seniors that prefere not to go out at night. Have you come across any candidates that seem sympathetic to our cause ? Love your SPRAWL sign. Will be in touch about getting one. Hope you don’t mind expanding to Terra Cotta. Any comments – please contact or call tel; 289-344-0033


    John Rutter

    • Karen says:

      Hi John,
      The truth about the provincial plan is that any existing Green Belt, Niagara Escarpment or Oak Ridges Moraine plans supersede the provincial plan. You can find this information right on the website.

      When local or regional politicians say we have to intensify populations because the province demands it, they are lying – or else they haven’t read the plan. I have, and it says very clearly that part of the plan’s mandate is to protect farmland and green spaces. Why are we not seeing evidence of this in Caledon? I don’t know. The province is not policing its own plan to help protect our beautiful countryside.

      In fact, they plan to build a 400-series highway right through the middle of Caledon – the infamous 413 – which will cost in the neighbourhood of $40 million per mile to build and will cover over a big slice of Canada’s measly 4.7 percent of arable land. When Ontario is 12.5 BILLION dollars in debt, I have no idea how this highway will be paid for except by mortgaging the futures of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

      Is it really more important to drive than to eat? Or to stuff Ontario full of people when overpopulation is at a crisis point on the planet? It’s curious to me that people in government apparently don’t see any of these issues and their dire consequences for the futures of Ontario and Canada.

      BTW, the only mayoral candidate I’ve heard who addresses this issue as the real problem it is, is Ian Sinclair.

  7. Jenni says:

    And I like the new pumpkin banner. Thanks Darryl 🙂

  8. Jenni says:

    The Stop Sprawl signs are to educate visitors and politicians that Belfountain and all of its beauty should not be taken for granted. The Provincial Policy is pushing “growth intensification” i.e sprawl. That policy is driving tourism initiatives at the Town of Caledon, roads expansion at the Region of Peel, and development. Those are the pressures for urbanization that threaten this beautiful hamlet. Stop Sprawl is what needs to happen if we hope to keep our village. At the community meeting Monday night 98% of the residents who attended voted for rural streets. The community it would seem is as constant as ever in wanting a rural hamlet.

  9. janet Busch says:

    I live just south of the Belfountain sign on Mississauga Road, just curious what is the purpose of the “stop the sprawl signs” , I understand the meaning yes, but has something been authorized I am not aware of, new housing developement etc or is this just a pre-emptive measure ? Please advise ?

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