Spina Development Proposal Update

What:   Belfountain Community Meeting re: Spina (Orb) Development Proposal
When:  Monday, September 17, 2018  7PM -9PM
Where: Belfountain Community Hall
Time:    7:00-9:00pm

David Donnelly L.L.P. will be in attendance to present information about the development proposal and answer your questions.

The Belfountain Community Organization submitted its response to the NEC regarding the developer’s proposal on May 18, 2018.  All other reporting agencies, e.g. The CVC and Region of Peel did the same. The NEC will review all technical documentation submitted by the agencies, based on the 21 reports submitted by the developer. To date, no decisions have been made by the Town or the NEC regarding permits. This will be a long process.

The developer has advised water testing will be delayed until he knows what other information/tests are required as a result of the documentation review; the developer advised that he would like to conduct all tests at the same time.



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