Registered Letter from Manors of Belfountain Corp. – Well Testing

Hello Belfountain residents,

We understand many of you have received the attached registered letter from The Manors of Belfountain(MOB) Corp. regarding proposed well testing.  The BCO has received legal advice to share with you.

Please refrain from responding to this request until the BCO’s hydrogeologist has verified the merits of the proposed well survey.

There is no way for the BCO, our lawyer and the hydrogeologist to know, who and how many of you have received this notice and it is important that we have this information.   If you have received the letter, could you email and type in your name, address and postal code in the body of the email please. With your responses, we will create a map showing who has received notices which will help in the evaluation process.

Thank you,

The Belfountain Community Organization

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