“Slow Down – Kids at Play” Campaign for Belfountain


Are you frustrated by the speed of cars on our rural roads?

If you have driven through some residential neighbourhoods in Toronto, you may be familiar with the “Kids at Play” campaign (read more from The Star: http://www.thestar.com/life/2014/08/29/kids_safety_at_hear_of_neighbourhood_movement.html ).  In an effort to make even a little difference in speeds in our area, we’re bringing the campaign to Belfountain.

Please help make Belfountain’s “Kids at Play” campaign visible and impactful by ordering your own sign(s)! 

Email your name, address, and quantity of signs desired, to  SlowDownCaledon@gmail.com.  $8 each, cash payable upon delivery.

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One Response to “Slow Down – Kids at Play” Campaign for Belfountain

  1. Wendy Turner says:

    I live on McLaren Road.. We have the same problem as you do with traffic, especially the ones driving south from Charleston Road, or the Forks of the Credit Park. They hook up to your road on Forks. Our home is on the steep hill, therefore ridiculous speeds. I would like to obtain a slow down sign or two, but preferably without “kids at play”… Is this possible. I have put my name on your community news because the subject of traffic is my concern too.

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