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These are the minutes published by the Town of Caledon for the public meeting held on June 18, 2019. The minutes are a shortened abridged version of the comments made by community residents. How does this version of “concerns” reflect the real issues voiced by the community? These minutes are exclusionary, so much information remains undocumented. The community has done its due diligence. How do we know Caledon Councillors actually listened? The minutes are incomplete, inadequate and don’t reflect the clearly articulated arguments presented by the residents?

To hear the recording of what was actually said, please click this link : The section of the meeting related to the MOB development begins at 01:39:40. Click on “Audio”. The file is sent to your computer. You save/open it from your computer.

Written comments regarding the proposed development, for those not already submitted, will be received until a decision is made. Please make sure they are sent in writing :   By email through this link:;; 2IT-91015C  Manors of Belfountain Proposed Development By Standard mail: Town Clerk, Carey Herd and Senior Planner, Leilani Lee-Yates, Town of Caledon, 6311 Old Church Road, Caledon, ON L7C 1J6 or and Niagara Escarpment Commission, 232 Guelph St, Georgetown, ON L7G 4B1, Attn:  Nancy Mott

Your concerns regarding  the meeting minutes need to be sent to:;

These are the minutes the Town of Caledon published:

    The Committee recessed at 8:44 p.m. and resumed at 8:49 p.m.

3. Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision, The Manors of Belfountain Corp

Planning and Development Committee Meeting Minutes Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Page 6 of 8

Chair N. deBoer confirmed with Leilani Yates, Senior Planner, Development that notification was conducted in accordance with the Planning Act.

Nicole Yang, Planning Consultant for Manors of Belfountain Corp. provided a presentation regarding the Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision. Ms. Yang provided background information, policy context, and outlined the development proposal and status of the project. She noted the proposal is to create 70 estate residential lots and the existing layout is designed to protect the current environmental, woodland and open space features. Ms. Yang described the residential lots having an average size of half to one hectare, with individual well and septic systems. Ms. Yang spoke to the proposed architectural designs, streetscaping and hydrogeological components.

Chair N. deBoer thanked Ms. Yang for her presentation.


Wayne Noble sought clarity regarding the connection of proposed trails and active transportation.

Paul Montgomery expressed concerns relating to traffic, water supply and septic systems. He stated in his opinion adding 70 estate residential lots will create excessive amounts of traffic onto Shaws Creek Road. Mr. Montgomery requested that an additional exit be added off Mississauga Road.

Madeline Gibson expressed concerns relating to water capacity and inquired whether the hydrogeology report will be peer reviewed. She expressed concerns with Shaws Creek Road currently being a gravel road and inquired what the expectation will be to mitigate the traffic. Ms. Gibson inquired about street lighting, open space being retained by the CVC and the minimum distance separation (MDS) analysis.

David Greig indicated that he believes existing properties in the village will be threatened by this project. Mr. Greig expressed concern with the NEC’s consideration of the application and possible ground water contamination.

Les Mandelbaum indicated that he believes the proposed development on this land will damage the area. He expressed his opposition to the proposed development and disagreed that the design is esthetically appealing.

Katherine Tremble-Taylor indicated she attended the previous Belfountain community meeting with developer.

Marica Connell noted she reviewed the applicant justification reports and questioned the findings. She expressed concerns with the visual impact of the proposed changes. She identified existing parking and tourist congestion issues.

Councillor A. Groves left the meeting at 9:24 p.m. and returned at 9:33 p.m.

Beverly Follett expressed opposition to the proposed development. She expressed that in her opinion the wells may be affected, and that the beauty of the hamlet may be ruined. Ms. Follett indicated that she believes this proposal will damage the ecosystem and is not appropriate.

Judy Mabee provided background on the draft plan subdivision over the years. She reported that she believes hydrogeology is a concern and a new plan is needed to reduce density. She noted the Belfountain Community Organization (BCO) had the hydrogeological study peer reviewed and the proposal failed to demonstrate the drinking water requirements could be sustained.

Planning and Development Committee Meeting Minutes Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Page 7 of 8

Toby Cadham reported he completed a water study at his property. He indicated that he believes a development as large as this may change the environmental face of the land.

Lucinda Dennis expressed that the residents of Belfountain have undergone years of water testing. She requested that baseline tests and 5 years of studies be available to demonstrate enough water quantity available for a development of this size.

Jennifer LeForestier provided background relating to heritage designated properties within the Belfountain area. She provided her opinion that she believes the proposal ignores impacts on personal wells. She requested that the zoning be changed to protect the hamlet and a Belfountain Heritage District designation be enacted.

Raheleh Shabani expressed concerns regarding the proposed development on the environment and the water supply. Ms. Shabani read a letter from Doreen Rapport and Barry Haywood which was submitted for the public record.

Edi Cadham requested that Belfountain remain rural and full of wildlife.

David Donnelly questioned the density of the proposed subdivision. He provided his opinion relating to urban sprawl. Mr. Donnelly made inquiries relating carbon footprint, climate change and the involvement of the first nations in the process.

Jim Henderson noted that public notifications issued by the Town are not received by everyone in the Town. Mr. Henderson requested that the notices extend further than the standard 120 metres. He expressed concerns with the proposed exits to Shaws Creek Road and sought clarification of turning restrictions imposed.

Andrew Black expressed concern regarding green field development. He suggested the developer test wells at the same time to see what concerns may arise.

Charlie Keith reported that she believes climate change will be irreversible in 11 years and the Town focus on preservation. Ms. Keith expressed concerns with existing traffic congestion, and low water flow.

Nicola Ross stated that she believes previous proposals could not find enough pressurized water for a development and questioned the viability of the proposal. She expressed concerns for the wildlife migrating in the area and advised that the proposal may more than double the current population of the village.

Ted Nixon sought clarity on the door to door well survey. He inquired what consequences arose from the survey not being completed. He provided his opinion on the water availability for the proposal. Mr. Nixon requested that Council not support the proposal.

Katherine Tremble-Taylor noted she believes that using old traffic study reports for calculations is outdated. She identified Belfountain as being a tourist area, and the proposed development may have an impact on traffic volume.

Rob Duxter sought clarity regarding contingency or reparation plans to protect the water.

Karen Allison inquired if Shaws Creek Road will be paved and expressed concern about the increase in traffic congestion. She stressed that the existing wildlife and tree vegetation may be impacted.


Planning and Development Committee Meeting Minutes Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Page 8 of 8

Written correspondence received from David Greig, Katherine Tremble-Taylor, Cindy Dennis, Raheleh Shabani, Doreen Rapport and Barry Haywood, Judy Mabee, Marica Connell, and Les Mandelbaum.

The Committee adopted the required procedural motion to extend the meeting an additional hour beyond the hour of 11 p.m.

Members of Council asked questions and received responses from the presenters.


The Committee adjourned at 11:11 p.m.

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