Fun in February – Get Your Tickets Now For Dave Gunning and JP Cormier

We have been so lucky to have some excellent live music in Belfountain.  Susan has once again contacted us about her promotion of good, live music. Well, this is as close as we can get right now for some incredible music, in the comfort of your own home! It doesn’t matter if you live in Belfountain, Toronto, Venice or Vancouver! You can join and listen and enjoy!

The date is set and Dave Gunning and JP Cormier are going to do a concert just for us. Well, it is a recorded show (they are just finishing up this week) but we will get to experience the energy and performance of two brilliant friends and musicians in our own homes.

And unlike an in-person show, anyone anywhere can join! So please, if you know anyone who would love to hear some great tunes, please share this e mail and invite them to join. The more people we have, the more energy and the better for Dave and JP. 

Here are the details:

  • Show will be available for you to see Thursday, February 4th, and you will be able to watch it whenever you want, until February 6th.
  • The price for the show is $20 – not $20 per person. So whoever lives in hour house with you can enjoy for the show for that same $20!
  • Just send an e transfer to Susan at for $20, and Susan will add you to the list.
  • On the morning of the 4th, Susan will send a link and a password to everyone, and that’s all you will need. No fancy techie stuff, just password and click.

And get ready to be thoroughly entertained!!!!

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