“ELEMENTAL” screens this Wed April 9 at Erin Legion, 7:00 pm (Doors open 6:30)]

In Elemental, Aussie inventor Jay Harman mimics Nature’s designs for promising answers to global warming.

The eerily beautiful eco-film ELEMENTAL covers a lot of ground – and water– especially in two places that are wretchedly polluted – Northern Alberta’s oil sands (we’re hard pressed to find adequate words to describe such a massive, hideous + lethal mess…) and India’s holy, often hellish Ganges River. From these awesome/awful backdrops, three persistent human beings show up, determined to put things right in our broken relationship with Mother Nature (who always – with the tip of our cap to the brand new baseball season! – bats last. While the colossal open-pit oil sands and India’s most famous river may seem beyond redemption, two plucky activists decide that it’s never to late, and forge on. We also meet an observant inventor who finds promising remedies to pressing environmental problems by imitating natural designs, and then – the hardest part – seeking the $$ millions to get them to market.

Above all, this film stands as an inspiring example of what committed individuals can do in the face of daunting odds. (Imagine what we might achieve if we all worked tirelessly AND together!)

• The Film: Elemental: Three Stories, Three Continents, One Commitment to Change (93 minutes)

• Our Sponsor: Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) www.wellingtonwaterwatchers.ca

• FREE admission Local, organic treats at intermission (thanks this time around to The Friendly Chef and the FoodShed Group) plus fair trade, organic coffee + tea. Organic popcorn too…
• Where? Erin Legion, 12 Dundas Street East, Erin

• When? Wednesday, April 9, 7:00 pm (Doors open 6:30)

• More about Elemental and other films in the 2014 FAST FORWARD Eco-film series at http://www.transitionerin.ca/fast-forward-film-festival. Or phone 519-833-4676.

• SAVE THE DATE! Our last film is on Wednesday, April 23 – GMO OMG FAST FORWARD 2014 is a series of award-winning environmental documentaries brought to you by the Climate Change Action Group of Erin in partnership with Transition Erin and six passionate community sponsors!

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