Belfountain Community Update

May 8, 2020

 The Province of Ontario declared a State of emergency in response to the Covid pandemic March 17, 2020.  In a concentrated effort to control the spread of infection, the province instituted regulations to stay home, minimize outings, initiate social distancing and to limit access to essential services only.

During the period of Mar 17 to April 1, visitors continued to travel to Belfountain in large groups, not exercising social distancing. Car racing was increasing exponentially.

Residents voiced their concerns to the Mayor and Ward 1 Councillors. No parking and tow away signs were distributed throughout Belfountain, The Forks Road and the Badlands. Local traffic only signs also went up.

The BCO requested support from the OPP. Video clips were tweeted out by the OPP regarding no parking, no speeding and the closure of the conservation area.  Initially, officers were assigned for the month of April, to assist with management of social distancing, parking, speeding, car and motorcycle racing and noise.  The BCO put forward a case to the OPP for an extension owing to excessive infractions and the timeline has been extended for the duration of the State of Emergency.

Ongoing OPP presence beyond the Emergency has been requested. This will need to be negotiated.

The last two Sundays in the hamlet were dominated by noise, numbers and racing. Neighbourhood Watch has been very active reporting incidents to the OPP as they occur. If you are not already part of the group please get yourself online. You can sign on through or

To access the OPP dispatcher, call 1-888-310-1122, to report your concerns. If there are parking issues you can also call the Caledon Bylaw office 905-584-2272 x3462.Your calls help justify extra patrols sent to our area.

Please click on the link–increased-patrols-coming-to-hwy-10-hwy-9-near-orangeville-after-caledon-opp-charges-6-from-brampton-kitchener-melancthon/for the most recent posting from the OPP. Here you will find a list of chargeable offences under the Highway Traffic Act.

The BCO continues to work on development of Tourism strategies. While numbers of visitors have increased substantially over time, road racing is at an all time high.

We have met with agencies, businesses and residents in order to create a list of concerns and develop short- and long-term solutions.

The BCO has had inquiries regarding installation of speed humps. The Region of Peel has informed us that they must remove all sand and winter debris prior to installation.

 All LPAT hearing that were scheduled between the effective date of the Emergency order and June 30 were adjourned, and will need to be rescheduled at a future date. This affects the LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) for the James Dick Pit expansion and the LPAT for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Erin.

We continue to work on document preparation for a Federal Environmental Assessment Review pertaining to all factors that will impact water quality for the West Credit River.

There is no update on the Manors of Belfountain Development.  Residents were reporting clear cutting of trees and hedgerows on the property last week. The land in question is not owned by Mr. Spina.

We hope you are all well and surviving this period of social distancing.  It has been reported social distancing may be here for the long term. Social events throughout Ontario have been cancelled till further notice. Stay tuned.

You have the information to contact the OPP and Bylaw, use them if you need them.

If you know someone who hasn’t signed on to, please encourage them to do so.

 If you need help, have questions, comments, please let us know. Contact

 Have a good weekend everyone, who would have thought we would have snow on  May 8th


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