A Pop Up Story Telling Fund Raiser in Belfountain (so much fun!!!)

By Susan Gesner

Greetings all!

Well, for my music folks, I promise music will be in your future in the fall – I’m hoping to bring a band or two in to Belfountain before Christmas for sure – but for now, a wee change of pace…. 

A story telling pop up! And a chance to support the Belfountain Community Organization in to help with the Manors of Belfountain efforts!  https://www.belfountain.ca/latest-on-the-manors-of-belfountain-mob-a-search-for-hope-on-the-horizon/ 

What are you doing next Friday evening, May 24th around 7:00PM? I have an idea that I KNOW you’ll enjoy! Come to Higher Ground Café in Belfountain, and join Nicola Ross, Lesley Rowe and me, as we share some stories from our books that will make you smile, laugh, take cover, want to go hiking, traveling and step dancing all at the same time! 

Yes, it’s short notice. But if you can’t think of a good reason not to come, then just come! 

Tickets are $25….you’ll get an evening of fun, possibly a cold beverage, you’ll learn something about wonderful hiking on the Bruce Trail, and who knows what else. And the best thing? Any money that we raise will go to the Belfountain Community Organization to help with the Manors of Belfountain efforts. 

You can e transfer me susangesner@me.com $25 (or whatever donation amount you wish) prior to next Friday. You can also drop money off ahead of time at the café, or pay at the door –  as a last resort.

But I hope you can join us. It will be a lovely evening of friends, laughter and raising money for a great purpose.

And I also hope you will share this note with EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Because the more, the merrier! 

So share!



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