Coalition Asks Peel to Help Protect West Credit River

Coalition Asks Peel to Help Protect West Credit River
Attend Live Stream of our Presentation to Region of Peel
Thursday Jan 27  2022 9:30am



Dear Friends, 

The Coalition is asking the Region of Peel Council to support a river monitoring program and adaptive management plan to help protect Caledon’s West Credit River ecosystem from the daily discharge of 7.2 million litres of sewage-effluent to be released from the Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

You can show your support and help in this endeavor by watching the live stream of the presentation at the Region of Peels website on Thursday January 27th.  The presentation is early in the agenda and will take place after 9:30 am.  

There is no in-person attendance by the public or delegates at this time.
Delegates participate virtually, and all Council and Committee meetings are
live streamed.
Thank you for your support, 
Judy Mabee,
Chair, Coalition for the West Credit River

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