2016 Jan 26 Power Outage

UPDATE: Power restored at 2:4PM. Cause was a tree on the power line on Mississauga Road just north of Forks of the Credit Road.

The power went out in downtown Belfountain at 1PM today. 2 OPP cruisers and 2+fire trucks went east on The Forks Road thereafter up Mississauga Road.

Hydro One doesn’t have an ETA yet:


Good thing the weather is warm, if windy!


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One Response to 2016 Jan 26 Power Outage

  1. Wade Domet says:

    Roads – Ian MacCallum

    Speed bumps on Mississauga Road south of Main St. and on Bush Street to
    return in spring. To be of the same removable type previously deployed.

    Are you kidding! You have no right to impair the flow of traffic on my public dam road. I am in business and travel through town several times a day, and I demand that these bumps be removed or not installed at all. You know,… were will this all stop, people go past my place dozens at a time over a hundred clicks every morning. Are you going to bump up every 100 feet every were People slow down so they wont bump and then speed up in agrevation at a really stupid policy. I am telling you right now, if you do this to me I will never again support or work at any function in this hamlet. And you had better print this note and use my name. Donald Trump is right! We have really stupid politicians!


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