Badlands Hearing – Feb 1 through 5

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a long time since you have heard from me. As you probably know we are nearing the formal Hearing which takes place in Caledon East in the Council Chambers, Feb. 1 – 5th. Our lawyer has been working on our behalf and solicited specialists to support our stance regarding the building of a parking lot on the Badlands site.
This process all began in June last year when we received a Notice of Decision stating that a parking lot to accommodate 33 cars and 2 school buses was to be built on the north east corner of the Cheltenham Badlands property. There had been no public consultation which is an integral part of a decision of this sort. Research also states that if development were to take place on an ANSI (Area of Natural and Scientific Interest) it must not alter its original intent/topography. This parking lot requires 12 feet of fill on the south west corner and a scraping of over 5 feet on the north west corner (minimal estimates from the engineering firm), not to mention that 2 – 3 feet must be removed across the surface to allow for drainage and the support of pavement. That’s right pavement! Not even a gravel or limestone lot! The single driveway into this lot is to be just below the highest point on Olde Base Line Road to the east of the open area we all appreciate. Four seconds if you are travelling at 40km (which no one travels) from the brow of the hill!

The residents in this area are concerned for these reasons:

  • Olde Base Line Road is a dangerous road at the best of times
  • The Region of Peel is pushing for this as they are concerned about their liability
  • Olde Base Line Road is an arterial road which is the most direct, usable, passable road for emergency vehicles/first responders to take to meet any emergency for those who live up on the escarpment. Is there no consideration of this liability?
  • 33 car/2 school bus parking lot is not going to solve the problem as often we can count on 50 – 70 cars at the site and on certain weekends we have over 1000 cars/vehicles
  • Tourism/advertising is creating a real dilemma with more and more people attracted to the site
  • A band-aid solution is not appropriate, we need a plan which relates to the whole community
  • There are alternate sites which have not be adequately considered
  • Certain procedures have not been followed and public consultation has been grossly ignored

We would like to encourage as many people as possible to come out, especially on the first day of the Hearing and of course whenever you can make your presence known.

Please try to keep Feb 1 – 5 open as much as you can! We need your support.

Please pass this message on to all your neighbours, friends etc.

Thank you,
on behalf of all of us,

Bonnie Ledson
905 838 0899

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