Your Help Is Needed to Email Peel Council about 413

The following plea for help was prepared by a Belfountain resident:

Thank you to everyone who sent an email about the proposed highway 413 to the Peel Regional Council. 

We all need to email Peel Council again and keep the pressure on, because:

The Regional Council did not vote on the motion to stop the 413 and postponed making a decision until their next meeting on MARCH 11.

Numbers count so we need to get as many people to write in as possible.

ACTION NEEDED: Please send another email to Peel Council – before March 10 – asking them to support the motion to stop the 413. You can add any comments you have about the highway, or just leave it as a one-liner that is as simple as saying “Please stop the 413”

Please ask your neighbours and friends to send an email, too. Here are the email addresses: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,  

p.s. Vaughan just passed a motion against the 413 by a close vote of 5/4 on March 2/21

Thank you.

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