Update from CVC on Belfountain Conservation Area

The BCO has received this update from the CVC.   CVC are offering a site tour in the coming weeks to residents of Belfountain.  If you are interested in attending, please advise secretary@belfountain.ca by September 3rd and we will provide the CVC with your name and email. 

I appreciate that the construction noise can be unpleasant for those that back onto the conservation area and I appreciate their patience and long suffering. Please know that we are moving as swiftly as possible to get the heavy works done by the end of September. Our schedule is driven by the need to complete the pond removal, channel construction and dam mitigation works within the fisheries window for the West Credit. The good news is that we are on schedule and the contractor (R&M Construction) have been fantastic in moving this along – and I trust that the overall results will be worth the disruption.

We have just posted a blog updates on the project page here with some information – please feel free to share this: https://cvc.ca/conversations/restoring-belfountain-conservation-area/

I have also attached a number of additional pictures with labels here to this email that show the main things that are going on to-date and which illustrate the progress.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RX3ZJB8fpi93jeQWbvzNrcNZ92aXKkJL?usp=sharing

Right now we are working to complete the final 1/3 of the dam mitigation works and the last bit of the new channel. The recent hammering noise that folks have heard is the demolition of the sluice gate (figure below highlighted in Yellow below signature). This was the control gate with stop logs and a valve that CVC installed in the 1960’s. With the dam being lowered by 1m and anchored, and with the pond removed, we are restoring the original width and face of the dam as it connects to that wingwall. The hammering will be over today, as next week will see the installation of the formwork and concrete pouring for this restored section of dam. Beyond September we are working on the new public realm elements (boardwalk, outlook, stone masonry restoration, bridge, etc.) and the daily noise should decrease.


Jesse de Jager | he/him/his

Manager, Capital Projects and Assets | Credit Valley Conservation

905-670-1615 ext 281 | M: 416-277-9314

jesse.dejager@cvc.ca | cvc.ca



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