Time to Vote

Residents of Belfountain,

The count down to Election day is upon us.

October 18 and 19 are the designated days for advance polls and October 22 is Election Day.

The past six weeks have been a whirlwind of meetings with the candidates. Residents who attended openly voiced their dissatisfaction with the performance of the council elected in 2014.

The outcome of this municipal election must change the face of Caledon’s Council.

The Belfountain Community Organization, representing a majority of the residents of Belfountain and environs, supports the following candidates for the 2018 election:

Barb Shaughnessy – Mayor

Barb Shaughnessy has a broad understanding of Caledon’s community diversity and often refers to her “Community First” focus. She expresses a passion and understanding of the residents’ love of their villages and the natural environment that surrounds them. She has attended ALL of the Belfountain community meetings during her tenure on Council. She has always responded promptly to phone calls and inquiries and often arrives on doorsteps in person. Barb’s problem-solving skills have resulted in sensible, well-presented and clear plans to mitigate concerns voiced by her constituents.

Ian Sinclair – Regional Councillor

Ian Sinclair is an advisor to the BCO and an avid supporter of this community and Ward 1 concerns. He has a firm command and depth of knowledge of policies and regulations pertaining to the NEC, Town of Caledon, and the Region of Peel. As a candidate he provides experience, expertise, integrity, honesty and commitment to the residents of Caledon. He is well known and respected throughout the communities of Caledon. He is a strong supporter of our small communities, he listens, gets involved and follows through. He works tirelessly to get the job done.

Dwayne Jackson – Area Councillor

Dwayne Jackson is new to the political forum. He states he is passionate about Caledon and the people who live here. His professional and volunteer experience as a fireman has taught him to be a team player and a solution-based problem solver. He would like Council to have an open-door policy with residents to ensure more engagement, and a more proactive, not reactive stance with the community.

Belfountain hosted the first “Meet and Greet” for the regional candidates. This meeting took place Sept 10, 2018. Candidates were asked all manner of questions by residents.

The closing question to the candidates was,” Do you support the proposed Spina Development?”, to which all but one said no. This question was issued in hard copy to the candidates for response. This same question was asked of candidates at the mayoral and area meetings. Again, all but one responded “no”. There was no response from Al Thompson.

Belfountain needs councillors who will not forsake the environment for development, who support the idea of sustained rural living, appreciate cultural heritage and community focus and are prepare to advocate for such with the Town and the Region. They also need to understand the fundamental well-known issue that prohibits development in Ward 1, the lack of quantity and quality water.

Caledon needs representatives that are genuine and honest, know our issues, have the foresight to go the distance on behalf of the community, not accept the notion of “done deals”.

The final voting days are upon us. Getting out to vote is essential. No vote, no change!!

We encourage everyone to get out there and vote. Make your vote count!

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Belfountain Community Organization



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