If you don€’t want Belfountain’s historical Community Hall to be stomped, then here€’s the dust-swirling, heart-throbbing, yippee-kye-yay way to say NO WAY:

Show up mid-afternoon next Saturday (Aug. 22) in the green meadow opposite the Caledon Ski Club at the liveliest ‘€œUnder The Maples’ blues festival ever to strum through these Caledon hills.  Your forty-dollar entry ticket€ ‘parkin’s free!’€” is gonna garner you the famed gallop of Stompin’€™ Tom’s original band and a host of other high-kickin’ blues stars.

And it’€™s gonna corral for all of us a salvaged future for our deteriorated heritage Hall built way back 122 years ago.

Caledon Council voted August 11 to invest $216,393 on ‘€œminimum maintenance repairs’€ for the Hall – €”mainly to install a $35,000 septic system, fix up the floor structure for another $35,000 and spend $74,393 for a new roof and trusses.

Until now, the Hall operated at a loss of nearly a thousand dollars a month.  But under the new plan, the OPP intends to pay rent and establish a satellite police station in the Hall this fall.

The ‘minimum’€ repairs voted through by Council don’€™t allow for amenities and decor  So the Belfountain Community Organization (BCO) will pour all profit generated from the Under the Maples festivities into upgrades.

The Hall was closed March 3 until the snow melted and has now re-opened until the snow flies again, says Tom Darlow, facility manager for Caledon Public Works.

‘€œThe facility is a compact frame building with no particular architectural style,’€ states the Public Works report that Darlow presented to Council. This is because the original building was just a single-storey wooden structure built and operated by the Belfountain Mechanics’ Institute.  Those were the days of the great quarry-works when a thousand workers hewed the stone that built Toronto.

Then, in 1931 the Hall was jacked up while a concrete block first floor was installed underneath along with an electrical system.  A quarter century later money was raised for a kitchen extension and two downstairs toilets. Finally in 1973 Caledon took over the building.

Now it’€™s your turn, yours and mine. So please, round up your friends and mosey up to the Under the Maples jamboree to have a stompin’€™ good time while your money goes to a great cause.

The stage will be a hay wagon, there’ll be food, refreshments and a beer tent featuring Steamwhistle. Tickets are $40 at, or buy direct at Higher Ground in Belfountain or the General Store in Inglewood and save the handling fee. Tickets can also be bought at the gate.

This is a fund-raising concert hosted by the Belfountain Community Organization to support community environmental initiatives.

For all details see: Belfountain Music Under the Maples/

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  1. Our congrats to the Belfountain community and our OPP for helping save our heritage.

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