Tell Us What You Think – Signage, Speed and Roads in Belfountain

Thank you to everyone who attended our Signage, Speed and Roads in Belfountain meeting.   For those that were unable to attend, we would like to provide you with this information and ask that you please complete the survey so your views are known.

The 5-year Regional moratorium on road review for Belfountain proper is about to expire in the spring of 2020.

Residents need to start thinking about what you want the roads to look like in Belfountain and what the feel of the community will be for the future.

Past discussions with the Region have included such issues as, parking on one side of the road only, no parking in the hamlet, sidewalks and curbs on one side of the road from the community hall to the conservation area, more streetlights in the commons area, differentiated road designs denoting the road crossing area at the stop signs. All of these options have been discussed with the Region of Peel, none have been implemented.

 As part of the Road Review in 2014, an environmental assessment was conducted, which identified sensitive habitat for many endangered/at risk species. The BCO filed a Part II order to prevent destruction of habitat for the sake of sidewalks and urban standardization. The Region had planned to install sidewalks and curbs in the hamlet. This would have required appropriation of property frontage and tree felling along Old Main Street and Forks of the Credit Road to the entrance of the conservation area.  Neither of these actions was amenable to the board, so with support of legal counsel, a 5-year moratorium was declared on road reconstruction in the hamlet.

New discussions will begin with the Region in the Spring. We need you to invest in the process. Please watch for online postings and public meeting notices.

Please complete the survey found at this link Signage, Speed and Roads In Belfountain Survey  the results will be compiled for the discussions with the Region of Peel

Thank you

Belfountain Community Organization


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