Region of Peel Notice Regarding Bulky Items

The decision to suspend bulky items at the curb and at our Community Recycling Centres was made early in our COVID response to protect the health and Currently, the Region’s waste collection staff have been leaving sticker notices on bulky items that have been left at the curb advising them to hold on to it until further notice.

The Region is now in a stronger position to provide appropriate resources and safety measures for bulky item collection, as well as sufficient physical distancing space for cars and residents at the Community Recycling Centres to allow residents to unload their own bulky items, without additional risk to staff.

As such, Community Recycling Centres are now accepting bulky items for drop-off. As social distancing measures continue at CRCs, please note that staff are not available to unload items and wait times may be longer. Bulky item collection at the curb will resume on June 29.

For more information on the Region’s waste services, check

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