Have Your Say about the Caledon Visitor Management Plan before Dec. 17 2021

The Town of Caledon is developing a Visitor Management Strategy as part of a longer-term Tourism Strategy for Caledon.

A huge component of the foundation of this planning relies on YOU and your feedback so they  have created a dedicated feedback page at https://haveyoursaycaledon.ca/ and they’re looking to you to tell them:

  • How tourism and visitors in your area affect you
  • Whether you’ve noticed the visitor management measures they’ve worked to put in place over the last few years and if so, how they’ve performed
  • What you’d like to see from a visitor management and attraction standpoint going forward
  • How could the Town of Caledon do a more effective job in assisting during peak tourism/visitor season

Please take the time to HAVE YOUR SAY. This is your chance to formally record your feedback, ideas, thoughts and observations – it is critical for the Town of Caledon to hear from you as they build a plan on our terms, as businesses and residents.

This page won’t be live for long (it’s closing on December 17th), so please submit your thoughts ASAP. 


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