Belfountain Community Organization Board Members 2018

The Belfountain Community Organization Board Members were elected at the AGM in February 2018. 

We are pleased to announce the newly formed board have elected the Executive Team.

Judy Mabee – President, Maurica Connell – Advisor, Paula Basciano – Treasurer, Cindy Dennis – Secretary, Edi Cadham – Student Advisor.


The Directors of the Belfountain Community Organization

Doug Connell, Katherine Tremble-Taylor, Walter Keyser, Grecia Mayers, Helen Notzl, Fred Webster, Raheleh Shabani, Michelle McCann-Rowen.


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  1. Aimee Israel says:

    Hello – I am writing as a member of the Jack Ride Committee. We are aware that some residents were upset with some of our riders riding through stop signs in the town this past weekend. We sincerely apologize and are already discussing measures to prevent this from happening next year. Through new OPP presence and additional communications and signage, we hope to alleviate any inconvenience to the local residents. We really appreciate their hospitality and are aiming to do better.

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