Tim Gray Environmental Defence – Switching Gears: Proposed changes to the Growth Plan that replaces the abandoned portions of Bill 66

At a community meeting in 2017, the residents of Belfountain identified themselves as stewards of the land we all love.

The new Ontario Provincial Government introduced Bill 66, “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act”.

Many residents of Belfountain, Caledon and beyond strongly objected to these changes and schedule 10 was dropped.

The BCO invited Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence to share an environmental perspective of Bill 66 and the Provincial revisit of policies such as the Places to Grow Act,Provincial Policy Statement and The Endangered Species Act.

Residents of Belfountain and the public are invited to attend a presentation, “Switching Gears” at Belfountain Public School on MARCH 26th AT 7.P.M.
Note, the session may be made available live online and recorded to be made available afterwardsh.

MARCH 26th 7 to 9 PM @ Belfountain Public School, 17247 Shaws Creek Road, Belfountain.
NOTE: Total capacity of the Belfountain Public School auditorium is only 200.

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