Urgent: Last day to submit comments to save Brook Trout Habitat in West Credit River

The Coalition for the West Credit River needs  your help to protect the Brook Trout population in the West Credit River which is threatened by a wastewater treatment plant proposed by the Town of Erin in Wellington County. 

You can take action by Submitting comments to the Impact Assessment Registry.

The deadline for submission is today!


Submitting your comments to the Impact Assessment Registry will support the Coalition’s Designation Request. 7 million liters per day of sewage effluent from the Town of Erin’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Project discharged into the West Credit River ecosystem will raise the river  temperature and impact the Brook Trout. 

Your comments will demonstrate to the Impact Assessment Agency and Minister Wilkinson that the Coalition’s Designation Request has strong support from the public.

Remember, today is the last day to make your comments. If you have already submitted comments, ask your friends and family to submit comments as well. 

For the River, 
Coalition for the West Credit 

PS – Click here to submit your comments to the Impact Assessment Registry



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