Urgent and Important! Save our Water, Greenbelt, Farmland, Oak Ridges Moraine

The BCO is hosting an urgent and important meeting this Wednesday, January 16th 7pm – 9pm to help us understand the impacts of proposed Bill 66.

Bill 66 opens up Ontario’s Greenbelt for factory, retail and residential development, undermines drinking water protection rules and guts rules that help industry reduce the release of toxic chemicals. At a time when Ontarians need forward-thinking government action, Bill 66 basically takes us back 40 years.

The existing legislation was put in place by all parties, Conservative, Liberal and NDP, over the last 30 plus years. Premier Ford’s campaign promised to leave the Greenbelt intact and the subsequent reversal of position shows a blatant disrespect of Ontarians. Bill 66 puts the health of everyone at risk. The health of our region depends on valuing our farms, forests, clean water sources and nature.

Meeting: The Belfountain School Gymnasium, 17247 Shaws Creek Road (South of Bush Street)

When: Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 7pm – 9pm
Speaker: Pauline Thornham – The Green Party of Ontario

Pauline was the GPO candidate in the last two provincial elections. She obtained a Certificate in Environmental Conservation from the University of Guelph in January, 2011.

Pauline joined the Green Party of Ontario and Sierra Club Peel in 2010. She is now a member of the executive of the Sierra Club Peel. She is the GPO shadow cabinet Women’s Issues Critic, and is the female Horseshoe Region representative on the GPO Provincial Executive.

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