Traffic Calming Measures for Ward 1 and Ward 2

Sunday March 21, 2021

Traffic Calming Measures for Ward 1 and Ward 2

 In September of 2019, traffic studies were conducted and Community Safety Zones were designated in Ward 1 and Ward 2.  In November 2020, the WCTG made a presentation to the Town of Caledon requesting a series of actions to be implemented to support the safety of our communities. The Town committed to increase the number of Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices in Caledon, to investigate a noise ASE to be used in communities like ours. A letter was written to the MTO to increase fines and include demerit points in fines associated with noise, road racing. The Town of Caledon contacted the Provincial Government for development of management plans for Provincial Parks for public safety and crowd management.

 The West Caledon traffic group delegated the Town in February to secure funding for an ASE in the 2021 budget, we were successful. The number of police officers was increased by 8 and Bylaw staff increased by 6.

It was at this time we learned the Ontario Highway Traffic Act provides municipalities with the authority to install ASE systems within their jurisdiction. Peel Region has been working with the Attorney General regarding the policy framework. This system will incur processing costs at the court level and current systems can only process a fraction of daily violations. With the added processing of ASE’s and pandemic related issues, the Provincial Court system court system is expected to be unable to handle the volumes of violations from ASE’s and resumed court operations. As an alternative, we recommended implementation of an Administrative Monetary Penalties System (AMPS), where violations would be subject to automated enforcement rather than through the courts. This alternative was also shared with MPP Sylvia Jones.  Changes to the Highway Traffic Act will not be completed till 2022.

 So what do we have right now? We have traffic, speeding cars and motorcycles and LOTS of noise! What have we done about it? We have shared our concerns with the Town, OPP and the Region to let them know they are all part of the solution. Policy changes must be expedited and implemented as soon as possible, OPP officers and Bylaw staff must be visible within the community regularly until alternative processes are in place,

What can you do about it?

The West Caledon Traffic group are

  • Alton Village Association
  • Belfountain Community Organization
  • Caledon Village Association
  • Cataract Community Representatives
  • Cheltenham Community Representatives
  • Forks of the Credit Valley/Brimstone Residents Association
  • Terra Cotta Traffic Association
  • Village of Inglewood Association


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