Traffic Calming Letter Sent to Mayor, OPP and Region

March 20, 2021

By email to: Mayor Thompson, Caledon Council, OPP Inspector Mike Garant, Region of Peel Commissioner Kealy Dedman

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The West Caledon Traffic Group would like to thank Council for their commitment to conduct traffic studies and identify Community Safety Zones within Ward 1 and Ward 2 to enforce speed limits in our communities. These are important steps in addressing critical quality of life for residents, and safety for both locals and visitors.

In response to our November 2020 presentation, Council initiated a review of the fine and demerit point system for Highway Traffic Act violations, as they relate to excessive speed and noise, by the Attorney General. The Town of Caledon also initiated a conversation with the Provincial Government to develop management plans for Provincial Parks regarding public safety and crowd management.

In the 2021 Town of Caledon budget process, Council approved funding for an Automated Speed Enforcement device (ASE).

While each of these processes are incremental steps toward traffic management in our communities, our traffic calming needs for 2021 will remain in limbo until the required policy changes and technological modifications are in place to support the ASE’s and WIFI systems across Caledon are consistent enough for ASE’s to be used as an effective management tool. It is our understanding as well, that the Highway Traffic Act review will not conclude until 2022.

We have expressed our concerns with you and MPP Sylvia Jones advocating for provincial processes to be expedited to ensure the safety of our communities.

To date, the Region of Peel has yet to identify any traffic calming strategies for the Regional roads that traverse our communities.

The West Caledon Traffic Group clearly stated in our delegation of November 2020, that strategies for traffic management needed to be in place for 2021. Residents and visitors should not have to endure another year of irresponsible visitor driving and excessive noise. Visitors who obey the rules and want to enjoy our region responsibly, should not be put in peril by the same.

The inability to initiate any of the above strategies leaves our communities and visitors in peril as road racers and visitors have already begun to amass in the north to escape the greater GTA. Traffic noise and speeding vehicles dominate what was, a week ago, a tranquil setting. Accident and /or injury from such unchecked behaviours seems likely without significant intervention.

The West Caledon traffic Group is requesting regular visible surveillance by OPP officers and Caledon Bylaw Staff in Ward 1 and Ward 2. Areas of primary impact are Cataract, Forks of the Credit Road, McLaren Road, Mississauga Road north to Charleston Side Road, Escarpment Sideroad and Horseshoe Hill, Terra Cotta and Belfountain. Secondary locations include: Alton, Shaws Creek Road, Creditview Road, Inglewood and Caledon Village.

We are also requesting electronic signage to reinforce appropriate speed limits and noise levels.

Your support in expediting these processes will foster a positive experience for residents, local businesses and visitors. Until automated services are in place, there must be a mechanism to address these offenders in our communities.

We are requesting a commitment to high level of support from the Town of Caledon, the OPP, and the Region of Peel. Public safety is at risk, as is our community character.


Judy Mabee, on behalf of:

  • Belfountain Community Organization
  • Caledon Village Association
  • Alton Village Association
  • Village of Inglewood Association
  • Forks of the Credit/Brimstone Residents Association
  • Village of Inglewood Association
  • Terra Cotta Traffic Association
  • Cheltenham Community Representatives
  • Cataract Community representatives

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