Meeting Nov 28 – Town of Caledon Council Workplan

Coffee with Council 

Subject: Town of Caledon Council Workplan

Saturday November 28th  9:00am – 11:00am

Lloyd Wilson Centennial Arena
15551 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood
(Site of the Farmers’ Market)

Join Mayor Allan Thompson and Wards 1 & 2 Councillors for coffee,
conversation and an opportunity to preview the Council workplan priorities
and tell us what’s important to you.

In reviewing the Town’s Plan we see discussion opportunities related to Belfountain in the following:


  • Detailed definition of initiatives and priorities
    • Growth – To plan for complete communities as required under growth plan
      ? How does this impact Belfountain and environs?
    • Recreation – To establish and implement a collective community vision for the allocation of parks, facilities and recreation in the Town.? Is this in concert with the Provincial and CVC parks?
      i.e. Forks of the Credit Provincial Park and Belfountain CA
    • Tourism and Sports – To explore Caledon’s sport tourism potential and what the Caledon model could look like.
      ? What is the plan for non-sport tourism?
    • Protection of Rural Environment – To enhance and protect our rural environment and to enable a viable rural economy
      ? How does this impact Belfountain

Members of your Belfountain Community Organization will be active in this meeting.
Please join us to have your voice heard!

Committed to Preserving the Rural, Heritage and Environmental Integrity of the Hamlet of Belfountain and its Environs
Small is Beautiful

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One Response to Meeting Nov 28 – Town of Caledon Council Workplan

  1. For those who wonder and worry about what’s going to happen to the land around Belfountain, keeping an eye on the ‘Whitebelt Visioning Exercise’ ( is recommended. The Whitebelt Visioning Exercise has Town staff expanding the terms of reference of an ongoing study, the GTA West Land Use Study, which was originally intended to identify and protect strategic employment lands along this new 400-series highway.

    The policies of our current provincial government, one not known to pay much heed to those of us who like a village or rural lifestyle, favour ‘community development’ south of Belfountain especially once the West GTA Highway is built across South Caledon, with exits likely at Kennedy and Mississauga Roads. These will not be the kind of charming country villages and hamlets like Belfountain, that have grown up organically and make up the ‘Community of Communities’ that is a much beloved feature of our Townscape. These will be the ‘Brampton North’ urban planner style to be seen currently in Caledon at Valleywood/Mayfield West.

    Worth asking the Mayor and Ward Councillors to tell us more?

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