Icebreaker For our Fun Community Zoom and Phone Call – April 2nd @ 7pm

We do hope you join us for our fun Belfountain Community Spring Catch-up, either by Zoom or by the telephone,  on April 2nd, 2021 at 7 pm.    Community Spring Catch Up

Please register at so we can send you the meeting details.   Get to know your neighbours for the first time or even better than you do now at this fun event. 

To break the ice, we are proposing a scavenger hunt.  You can get a head start gathering everything up to show your friends new and old at the meeting.   

The focus is spring. 

  1. A raincoat
  2. A piece of seasonal fruit/vegetable
  3. Garden trowel
  4. Garden gloves
  5. A photo of you or a family member taken during the spring season (“spring” should be evident!)
  6. Fresh cut flowers
  7. A mug
  8. A pot
  9. A walking stick
  10. A picture of Belfountain
  11. A glass of wine
  12. A book you are currently reading
  13. Easter decoration
  14. Kleenex (for those Spring allergies)
  15. Rain boots

Bonus: Something special that makes you think of spring

We can’t wait to see and hear you all. 




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