Event November 13

The Common Good is beginning a film series that addresses memory and forgetting concerning urgent social issues. Our first series of Indigenous issues or Canada’s “shadow history,” which we openly acknowledge as Canada’s Shadow History. 

Our inaugural screening this November 13, 2021, from 6:30-9:30, is activated by many crew primarily hosted by Payton Bray, Sophie Harper and Lisa YK (owner)  from The Common Good. We decided to screen “Rhymes for Young Ghouls.”, which deals with the exigencies of the Rez school system. Bring your cozies, sleeping bags, blankets pillows, as seating is mainly on the floor. We will provide drinks and treats. Post movie, Lisa will moderate a discussion with Jenna Schuyler, an Indigenous activist and Metis womxn. If we’re lucky, there will be a song too.

The Common Good is a close group of highly engaged young womxn that are eager to participate in current event conversations with integrity. As a team, we spend a fair portion of our time in discussion. Our books and makers reflect how we see how culture, commerce, wellness, mental health, and art intersect.

As they intersect each youth with Lisa’s support and her outside resources from the art and academic community, they will assist each youth in a project that will enhance their understanding and develop their curiosity and cultural diversity literacy. A core competency is required by Universities and key community activators now. We believe the film represents that thoughtful research and touches on the complexity of the issues.

We encourage youth to bring their families to extend these conversations. We Also encourage questions that seem “off code” or “tone deaf” to be asked because that is how we learn.

RSVP to: thecommongoodgeneral@gmail.com

subject: November Film Screening

Vaccination is required

We are excited to meet you.


The Common Good Crew

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