Deadline Tonight! Stop Bill 66 Environmental Destruction

By 11:59 p.m. tonight, say NO to the PC Government on Bill 66. 

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This deadline is for public submissions.  The protest is not over.  It won’t be over until the Bill is defeated.   

Ian Sinclair brought a motion forward to defeat Bill 66 on Jan. 15th. The BCO delegated in support of Councilor Sinclair. 
The Council voted and was tied 4 – 4 when Nick deBoer broke the tie.  Unfortunately, it was defeated 5-4. 
After public outcry, Council deferred the decision until the Second Reading of the Bill. 

Keep the pressure going.  Send emails and letters to the Town of Caledon Councilors and MPP who agree with Bill 66.
Send to,,,,,,,,,,,

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These councillors support the position that Bill 66 is not acceptable:  Ian Sinclair, Lynn Kiernan, Annette Groves and Tony Rosa. 

Stay tuned.  More information and next steps will follow: 

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