Another Gravel Pit in our Community !

As announced in the recent PitNotes –

There is an application for ANOTHER new gravel pit in our community.

It would be located at 17736 Heart Lake Rd. between Charleston and Escarpment Sideroad.

This will be a massive below-the-water table gravel pit. It will go so far below the water than you could submerge a 9-storey building in the pit below the water table.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you come to the public information session this coming MONDAY evening March 25th, 6pm – 8pm, at Caledon Village Place, 18313 Hurontario St. (Highway 10).

This is your opportunity to learn how this proposal will impact you and your family’s health, water, air quality, quality of life, property value and the environment. Learn how you can influence the outcome prior to the company being issued an aggregate license.

PLEASE COME TO THE PUBLIC MEETING. Staying at home is a vote for the pit.

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