2014 Annual General Meeting

Belfountain Community Organization (BCO)
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Wednesday 19 February 7:00 PM sharp @ Belfountain Community Hall

Agenda (Draft):

    • Call to Order
    • Introductions
    • Approval of agenda
    • 7:10 General Election - The process
    • 7:15 Candidate speeches ( 2 minutes each maximum )
    • 8:00 Election
    • 8:30 Business Meeting (during count of votes)
    • 9:15 Declaration of Board of Directors
    • 9:30 Adjournment

Reminder, your $10 membership entitles you as an individual to one ballot for voting purposes. If you have not yet joined the BCO and would like to, please email Board@Belfountain.ca and we will connect with you.


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