TAKE ACTION: Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant

We are now asking you to submit your comments directly to the Impact Assessment Registry to support the Coalition’s Designation Request and to express your feelings about the 7 million liters per day of sewage effluent from the Town of Erin’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Project being discharged into the West Credit River ecosystem. Your comments will demonstrate to the Impact Assessment Agency and Minister Wilkinson that the Coalition’s Designation Request has strong support from the public. 

To make it easy for you we have prepared a submission letter with maximum flexibility.  The letter has some core text that can be sent out as is, or you can choose from some key issues you might want to copy and paste into your letter. You may also choose to express your own feelings about the Town of Erin’s wastewater management plans. 

Take action now – the deadline for comments is 8 April 2021

Take Action

Your letter will go directly to the Impact Assessment Agency, to Minister Wilkinson, Minister McKenna, Minister Jordan, to your local MP and MPP, and other key provincial Ministers and MPPs. 

Once your comments have been processed through the Agency, they will be posted to the Impact Assessment Registry at this link.  Yours will be some of the first comments.  To read the comments, scroll down the Registry page to Participate and click on View Comments.

Thank you again for taking strong action to protect West Credit River Brook Trout, Redside Dace, and other sensitive species at risk!!

For those of you who were not able to attend the Coalition for the West Credit River meeting on March 25th, you can watch it  Video Click Here

Please join the protest to Save the West Credit River on Saturday April 3rd between 1pm and 3pm on  Highway 52 (extension of Bush Street) west of 10th Line.

Yours in conservation,
Judy Mabee
Coalition for the West Credit River

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