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Residents of Belfountain,

Minister Wilkinson will make his decision May 26, 2021 as to whether he will designate the Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant for a full Federal Impact Assessment. It is important that he hear from you to know you support this designation. Your comments over the next week can make the   difference.  

 You can support the Coalition’s Designation Request in the following ways:

  • Sign this fully editable Petition letterto express your support, and it will go directly to Ministers Wilkinson, McKenna and Jordan, as well as the Impact Assessment Agency.
  • Sign the Cut the Crap, Keep the Credit Petition.
  • Call your local MP to ask them to support the Coalition’s Designation Request.
  • Call Minister Wilkinson at 819-938-3813R  to encourage him to Designate the Erin Wastewater Treatment Project.

Alternatively, you can send your own letter:

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