NOTICE: ORB Land for Sale

Belfountain Residents

Your Belfountain Community Organization would like you to know the ORB land has been listed for sale.

UPDATE: 2017 March 20 – That listing has been removed. Local copy here.
Information can be found at:

We invite you to share your concerns, comments or feedback to make it clear how you are feeling about this potential development.

How to reach us:
Google+ – Belfountain Hamlet –

Let us know how you wish to connect!

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2 Responses to NOTICE: ORB Land for Sale

  1. Nicola Ross says:

    What are the chances we could somehow come up with the money to buy this property? I know it sounds crazy, but what if….
    With a conservation easement on it, the value would be reduced making taxes quite small. We could turn it into a park, maybe carve off one lot or two and keep the rest as a park area.
    Thoughts anyone???

  2. Karen Davis says:

    It seems we are all for encouraging refugees and people escaping from Donald Trump. Canadians as a whole seem to support the anti-Trump brigade. Everyone seems to support this action. Our government of Justin Troudeau is committed to bringing thousands into Canada and they must be given good lives. Belfountain is the ideal place for them. A loving, gentle community. I would love to have the diversity of cultures across the street from me. Muslims in this area have no mosque and no support and our government warns us against Islamophobia.
    The New Canadians need housing. Thousands need good affordable housing.This would be a wonderful site for massive affordable housing for New Canadians. Fresh air. Good communications down Mississauga Road. It would keep the library open and also justify the school in Belfountain. The site should house at least several thousand good New Canadians. Perhaps there could be support from the Federal Government ?
    It’s wrong to keep this site for the elite here.
    This size may even justify good sewage treatment installations.

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