Important News from the West Caledon Traffic Group

The West Caledon Traffic Group began meeting on May 11, 2020 to address major problems in our communities. Road racing, speeding and noise were our priorities. Coming together increased our visibility and our ability to affect change.

This process began with Community Traffic studies being conducted and approved by the Town of Caledon to establish Community Safety Zones in Ward 1 and Ward 2.

Community groups surveyed their residents to establish a priority list. The issues have been researched to create documentation to support these priorities.

More recently a delegation regarding noise will be presented to the Town of Caledon to:
a) make changes to the Highway Traffic Act in order to increase fines,
b) adopt a more strident noise bylaw for cars and motorcycles in Caledon,
c) present budget recommendations that will increase funding to utilize all enforcement options (more officers, more bylaw staff, Automated Speed Enforcement and Acoustic Cameras to make our communities safer.)

A second delegation to the Region of Peel, proposes to advocate for rehabilitation of the Pinchin Pit to facilitate parking for visitors in order to alleviate pressure on local communities. We will post the dates of these delegations so residents can tune in. Delegations remain virtual and are open to the public.

If you have questions or concerns please forward to our Area and Regional Councillors, and

Participants in this process include:

Alton- Alton Village Association
Belfountain- Belfountain Community Organization
Caledon Village- Caledon Village Association
Cheltenham- Cheltenham Area Residents Association
Forks of the Credit Valley/Brimstone- Forks of the Credit Valley Brimstone Resident’s Association
Terra Cotta- Terra Cotta Traffic Association
Inglewood-Village of Inglewood Association

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