Good News for Belfountain Residents

The Dufferin Caledon Green Party and our Federal MP Kyle Seeback have lent their support to a Government of Canada Petition calling for a Federal Environmental Impact Assessment of the Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant, which threatens the health and ecology of the West Credit River, and the native Brook Trout population and habitat.

Please sign this petition to have your concerns heard in Ottawa by the Government of Canada. 

Here is the link to the e-petitions website

Please sign this weekend as Kyle Seeback is waiting  to present the petition to the House of Commons once 500 signatures are obtained. 

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1 Response to Good News for Belfountain Residents

  1. wade says:

    Wade’s thoughts are, “that you don’t speak for everyone” and I resent you saying that it’s good news for Belfountain, when you are totally slanted here.

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